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    How to compression test the engine

    When performing compression tests, it's imperative that the tests be done with: -A fully charged and properly rated cranking battery -Engine warmed up to Operating Temperature if possible (Test can be performed on a cold engine as well, I prefer the warmed up engine method) -All Spark Plugs...
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    Vegas meet up this week? Sept 16, 2016

    I'll be in Vegas this week. Anyone want to meet up?
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    Not mine but I know the car. 72 Q-code 4speed Mach1
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    Announcement - New Administrator

    For the past year or so Eric (Mister 4x4) has been active behind the forum's driver seat turning the wheel and adjusting the radio station as an Administrator. He brings a wealth of SQL programming knowledge to the team that has translated into tweaks to make the forum run better for all of us...
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    Motorcycle Road Trip - Circled the Southeast States

    6 states in 6 days. AL, TN, NC, SC, GA, FL While not quite impressive as Mexican's trip last October it was still pretty cool to pull off. 1978 miles from Sunday to Friday. Went from coastal Alabama to Huntsville, rode back and forth over the smoky mountains four times using various twisty...
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    Tacoma, Washington - Oct 5 or 6, 2015

    Anyone up for a meet n greet in the Tacoma area? I'll be in town on Monday and Tuesday evening, Oct 5 and 6.
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    Falls Church, VA area meetup - Aug 10-12

    I'll be in the Falls Church, VA area Aug 10-12, 2015 if anyone wants to meet up for a burger and a beer. Shoot me a PM.
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    New smilies

    Courtesy of Mister 4x4 we have a bunch of new smilies added. :cool: :wrench: :+1: :goodpost: :yeahthat: :jumpeveryone: :offtopic: :threadjacked: :wavemulticolor: You can find them whenever you make a new thread or post a reply. Don't forget to click the [get more] button to see all the...
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    Anyone own a conversion van?

    It kind of fell into place for me and the price was pretty darn good so I bought it. Feels like I'm driving down the road on a couch.
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    Banned member

    This all went down in the VIP forum so as to not air dirty laundry to the general public. If you want to see the details you have to go there to view. The purpose of this post is to inform everyone that he was permanently banned yesterday...
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    New Sprint Forum

    We've created a new forum for the Sprints, aptly called The Sprints. This forum is for the '72 USA and Canadian Sprints and the '73-1/2 Mexican Sprints. Enjoy the new Sprint Specific information, threads and photos of these interesting cars.
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    Sound off if you have a Sprint

    This thread is for all the Sprint Owners (US or Canadian) to sound off and maybe post a pic or two of your car.
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    JamesS, I have a box for you

    James, Your email is giving me an undeliverable reply so I'm Posting the pics here and will send you a PM with a link to this post. Sorry for the dark pics but I finished just as it was getting dark. It is wrapped air and water tight for the trip. The box is super sturdy. I got it from a...
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    Sound off if you're from/in Australia

    I've noticed we have a lot of Aussie members. Sound off so we can see how many.
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    New Forum Area

    I've created a new forum for us to put Meetup info and requests. When any of us are traveling we can make an announcement thread as to where/when we will be in a particular area and available to meet other forum members for a burger or something. It can also be used for non-traveling members...
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    What's in a name?

    Austin Vert (Greg) suggested a great idea... So please make a post telling everyone your first name and one of the staff members will add you to the list below. ;) Staff first names: 72HCODE --- Dan 73vertproject --- Doc Austin Vert --- Greg Boss1Ray --- Ray c9zx --- Chuck...
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    San Antonio meetup - week of 10 May 2015

    I'll be in San Antonio, TX from Sunday to Thursday, May 10-14. Anyone want to meet up Sun, Mon, Tue or Wed evening? I've subscribed to this thread so when you make a post I'll get an email and "should" be able to respond shortly.
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    Don65Stang's 73 vert planning and ideas thread

    Front and rear idea I'll use a Mach 1 grill, front spoiler and dual exhaust cutouts valence. My car currently has a flat hood so I may use the Sprint hood treatment but in black or argent. 73 Mach 1 stripe (minus the Mach 1 name) or no stripe or no stripe and blacked out lower...
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    The case for driving a 71-73 mustang

    So reading the "Any 71-73 Daily Drivers", "Why I like driving my mustang everyday" and responding to Lux's "I'm not happy" threads I thought my reply makes a good case for owning/driving a 71-73 mustang. Wow, I think I just decided to sell my Honda. Lol What do you guys think?
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    what Color is your 7123 Convertible?

    So the poll has me wondering about the specific colors of our beloved verts. So, same poll but just for convertibles. Mine is 2B red but I'm thinking about a color change to Blue Glow or yellow.