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    Rust Tech

    Let's talk about RUST! :@ I thought I'd start separate thread about everybody's least favorite thing...RUST. A place where everyone can share success stories, ideas, as well as share info on stuff that doesn't work so much. Iv'e been working on Mustangs for 35 years now, and have come to this...
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    Space saver inflator and bracket

    Hey all, For whatever reason, my inflator bracket was removed by a prior owner. This is the bracket that is welded to the passenger side of the trunk floor. Anyone??? thanks Charlie.
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    Seat Platform

    I have a Driver's side that was sold to me as a Fastback, but turns out it's not. Look at the pictures. It's about as nice as you'll find, I think. I circled a couple spots with a sharpie that will need some attention. If you need one, it's yours for $50 plus shipping. Charlie.
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    Quarter Windows

    I was really excited to find these two mint quarter windows yesterday. Then I noticed that they are clear, and I have Sun-X (tinted) in my car. Up for grabs, $25 each. Buy both, and I'll pay shipping 48 states.
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    Power Windows

    Hey all, My 71 Fastback was hit down the right side in the past, and it was repaired with non power stuff. All the wiring was in the bottom of the door when I removed the door pad, and the quarter switch and wiring is in place. I need the passenger window, regulator, and motor for the door and...
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    My 71 Mach 1 had the 10 chrome moldings separating the black lower body paint, and the body color. My car was a "no side stripes" car from the factory. I have seen pictures of cars with and without these moldings, are these a 71 only deal? I would prefer to restore the car without them, as most...
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    1971 Mach 1

    Starting Restoration