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    Convertible rear window with glass material, how to repair bond and replace zippered fabric material (black)

    Hi, My 73 rear window was repaired by previous owner to fix bond issues (between glass and fabric material), using, I guess, some silicone. It doesn't hold well in places. My car has 29000 original miles. Also, the fabric material (glued to the window and zipping to the rest of the top) has...
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    1973 351 2V

    Hi Thanks for this info . Who makes it, is it a Motorcraft one and recent?   Could you give me a part no, since my Ford dealer doesn’t have a list of batteries for my car. Are you able to confirm to me your 27FA case bottom length and width, since my tray is about 12 1/4 in long only. That...
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    1973 351 2V

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. My current aftermarket battery is a 24 type, with a casing of 10 1/8 in. long at the base. The tray (must be original, car has only 28000 miles) on the car  is 12 1/4 in. long. So there is room for a longer battery. I’m just wondering if the « heavy-duty battery » on...
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    1973 351 2V

    Hi, I want to replace my car's current aftermarket #24 installed   by the correct Ford battery in my 73 vert.  I believe there were 2 types used, the 24F and 27F. My car is Auto and has A/C. The window sticker of my car states "heavy-duty battery" at $11.49 What would be the one to use. And...
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    Can you replace red mustang insert in aluminium slotted wheel center caps.

    Hi, My Wheels center caps red emblem are faded. Instead of purchasing new caps, is it possible to replace just the insert, how to do it, and where to buy it? Thanks Pierre
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    car value

    Not at all. It's only I'm geeting an appraisal soon for my insurance company and wanted to get a good feel for it before doing so. Thanks
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    car value

    Hi , does any one have the latest magazine of the Old Car Report Price Guide. I need to know value for the Mustang 1973 Convertible and 2D HT, for all the conditions, 1 to 6. Can't find the magazine locally, and need to know the value quick!!! PM me please. Thanks.
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    Tire change preview in photoshop, need help

    [attachment=27046][attachment=27046]Hi, I am wondering how would look firestone wide o oval on my car instead of WSW . Any knowledgeable Photoshop guys around that could help me. Before I throw 1grand, i prefer to see it. Thanks so much.