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    73 Grande Hardtop

    Carolina Mountain Mustang if you don't mind sending the pics to my home email [email protected] Everything helps with the resto project.
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    73 Grande Hardtop

    My restoration project ('73 Grande) is in its 8th month of progress.  I am looking for a full set of Decor Side Trim Molding to help bring it back to its original self. [/URL]  
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    Thank you for the opportunity to join this group of Mustang owners. My first 'tang was a '65 coupe 200CI straight 6/1V with a three speed tranny.  Like I fool I traded it in on something different.  Later on I joined the USAF and while going to tech school at Biloxi MS in '73 Ford announced...
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    73 Grande Hardtop Labels

    New member here.   I own a 73 Grande Ivy Glow with Avocado Interior, 351C/2V with C6 Tranny.  Prior to disassembling it for full restoration I took pictures of it and all of the labels.  unfortunately my PC hard drive crashed and a lost them.  If anyone can help me with pictures of labels for...