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    Replace Rear Window Weatherstrip

    I have to go help someone with painting their home. DO NOT USE THE FOAM TAPE. NPD even states in their catalog not to use it. It does not work on window or roof rail. Ford did not have time on the line to hammer and dolly the window openings flat. So they put the least expensive, cleanest...
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    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    PF is a mad house when they have shows. Can take over an hour just to pass through on the 4 lane. We are having local Mustang show here so I am taking two cars to it. Worked on my story board display some added a grill ornament.
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    Austrailian heads project

    Great that all the pieces are falling into place. You will have to get use to more rainfall for sure. I was cruising around Youtube the other day and saw this video about a 1965 Mustang running SS/L class running a 289. I think they said rules had to use stock block, crank, carburetor, heads...
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    Spare Tire

    We have discussed this several times recently Toni found a small temp. spare out of a Kai that fits the Mustang bolt pattern. Go look for his post for details. Now just for information. The sports roof, coupe and convertible only got space saver spares if you got the Magnum 500 15" wheel option...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    I have refinished many consoles and have never had an issue with the SEM paints matching. You should be using the paint not the dye. ABS hard parts use the paints that I have always had 100% perfect match with. You need to strip all the old paints off the console first using oven cleaner. Then...
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    Engine ran without coolant

    He is probably ok but he should not have put coolant back in until it cooled off. Putting cold coolant into a hot engine can cause the most damage by warping a head. Be sure he used distilled water also. If not he needs to change and flush with distilled water and 50% antifreeze mixture.  
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    Vermillion or dark red interior?

    The 5E is only one listed in Marti's book Mustang by the Numbers. 5 is Mach 1 sports interior and E is Vermilion. There was red listed in 67, 68, 69 but in 70, 71, 72 it was Vermilion and no Vermilion in 73. What is your exterior paint code and I will look up how many they made? There were...
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    Seat Back Trim Paint and Removal

    I have a 72 vert that the PO put vinyl on the rear side panels. It was a PW car and for some reason he cut the wires to the switches in the back and covered over the holes. What was really bad is the fact that the plastic panels were not chalk and looked great. He took 36 grit and sanded them to...
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    WTB - Front seat frames

    On the seat tracks I did figure out how to get them apart so that I could clean the old grease out and replace the bearings. I ended up drilling the big stop rivets out then got new ball bearings at the Ace Hardware store and just cleaned up the large diameter, I think .750" rollers. Put...
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    BIG leak

    You have rust around the opening in the cowl for the heater box. You can pull the heater box and probably do some temporary fix with some epoxy.
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    Steering response is sensitive

    The stock PS you can turn with your little finger way too easy.
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    Advice for buying brake boosters and master cylinders for 4 drums?

    I do not think there was a drum power brake set up. Not 100% sure on that. If you have disc up front and drum rear and say Power Disc on pedal you have PDB. The master cylinder is different on 72 & 73 for PDB being 15/16" dia. and drum is 1" 1971 all were 1". If switching to PDB the pedal is...
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    Shocks are shot….now what??

    What you change is your option. A bigger rear sway bar will not help you on normal driving and might not on autocross. I see you have lucked out and your factory shipping brackets are still bolted to the frame. Most were removed as Ford requested by a sticker behind the rear license plate. I...
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    Disc Brakes

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with drum brakes. We use to build race cars and use drum brakes before disc. If you run through water just touch the brake pedal and dry in seconds. One issue is that nobody grinds the shoes to fit the drums anymore. I have a brake shoe grinder for that reason...
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    Ford 351 engine 1970's - $200 (Palm Springs)

    The valve cover with emission sticker was a 73 thing. Might have been changed. The 2-V block is same as 4-V 4 bolt you can machine to use the 4 bolt caps. That is a good price really.
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    A Walk Down Memory Lane...(no jaywalking!)..J.C. Whitney's!

    I have my old catalogs somewhere in the pile. Honest Charlie in Tennessee was where I got lots of performance parts. They always sent you a window decal with every order. When I was racing flathead V-8 Fords they sent me a list of flathead parts they were clearing out. I bought I think 5 sets of...
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    Back in the fold after 35 yrs

    Welcome from Western North Carolina. I am in Hendersonville and come to Charlotte or Concord for shows at the Mustang Owner's Museum. Will have to meet up one trip. I have several verts and my original 73 Mach 1.
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    My windows rattle on every bump in the road. Which parts do I need to look at?

    I missed this one in the past. Too late now but a much better choice for the lube in the windows, wiper motors, power windows is Lucas Oil Red N Tacky #2 grease. It lasts longer than the old white grease. Was at a show this weekend and guy next to me in a Chevy said his power windows would...
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    Door Glass Removal

    Interesting that some have rivets. I do not think any of my 73 have rivets. Could the car with rivets have been built in the Netherlands and used a different assembly process? I agree the round stops have an area that they will pass through and do not have to come off.
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    Cleaning cowl area

    I just saw this post and a little late. I do a couple things to keep critters out of the cowl. You will have to remove the front fenders to get to the drains. They are a perfect entry point for mice or critters including snakes to get into your car. I have had two cars that had mouse nests...