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    Deciphering Codes on my 71 Coupe

    I recently purchased a 71 Coupe with a transplanted 429 Cobra Jet engine and a 4 speed manual. I found random scraps of paper that lists what look like engine and transmission codes. I was hoping to learn a little more about what it all means. Not sure if they are complete or accurate. The codes...
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    Clock removal

    So as with most clocks mine does not work in my newly acquired 71 coupe. Just wanted to know how to remove the clock from the center console. I did see 2 screws when I slid open the ashtray door but not sure what needs to be removed to free my clock.
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    Power Steering Pump leak

    My 71 Coupe is leaking fluid from the power steering pump. The leak is not coming from the return line, so the only other culprit would be the pressure side. Not sure if the pump is original or aftermarket. I’m a newbie so i have no clue what the pressure hose configuration should look like...
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    Hello from Wilmington DE

    Hi, my name is Mark. I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I recently purchased a 71 Coupe which was transformed into a 429 CJ tribute car. The car is an original H code car and along with the big block a 4 speed top loader was also added. The car had 1 repaint in its original...
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    Rear Deck Spoiler/Wing

    Do the Fastback/Mach 1 rear deck spoilers fit a 71 Coupe? If so are the mounting dimensions the same?  If it were your car, would you add one or is it too much?