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    Giantpune's 73 mach 1 project thread

    Do you know the title of the movie?
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    460 K member 73 mach 1

    As you can see it's been updated to coilovers up front as well. I gotcha I appreciate the information brother
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    460 K member 73 mach 1

    Sorry for the late reply the car isn't where I'm living so had to get the photos when I was in the area. So this is what I've got in the engine bay hopefully it can give y'all an idea what's going on.
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    460 K member 73 mach 1

    I've been searching online for awhile for this and can't find one for my year car. The car came with a 460 in it however I don't trust the K member installed as the welds look terrible nor were they complete. Is there any place I can get one that would bolt in properly that I can make sure it's...