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  1. J

    1973 Mustang II lol

    I'm tempted to message the seller and ask where the pics of the 1973 are: lollerz
  2. J

    Replacement Positive Battery Cable

    Hey all, looking for some help in finding a red positive battery cable. For some reason everywhere I look to buy it, they only offer black or you have to buy a reproduction set which includes all three cables. Is there somewhere I can find a red positive cable by itself?
  3. J

    Engine overheat during break in

    Hey guys I need some help, my new 302 won't run longer than five mins before overheating. When I shut the car off the lower hose was gurgling. The top of the radiator is hot and the bottom is completely cold. I tried with thermostat in and out with same result. It is a brand new radiator and...
  4. J

    C4 shift rod bushing help

    Hello everyone, I need some help figuring out what I am missing. I am trying to connect my shift rod to my C4 but the rod doesnt have any kind of bushing. Does anybody know of a part number or website where I can order this bushing and clip/pin that I need?
  5. J

    302 Alternator bracket spacer

    does anyone have the triangular part that mounts between the alternator and cylinder head on a 302 for sale?
  6. J

    Wiring Diagram Help

    Can anyone tell me what the big blocks where all the wires junction represent?
  7. J

    Alternator Harness

    Hey guys I have a question, I already looked at the wiring diagram under the data tab but still need help. Does the black wire with the red stripe that says fusible link from the alternator harness go grounded ?
  8. J


    Looking to buy the shift and lock linkages for 71 mustang with a C4, Does anybody on here have either the shift or lockout rod for sale?
  9. J

    New user from Texas

    Hi guys, I've been on here for a couple months but haven't posted intro, I've had my 1971 fastback for 8 years but am finally getting around to getting it up and running after saving up and buying parts little by little, still in college so money is tight.Car came with no engine or trans so I...
  10. J

    C4 Crossmember Question

    Hello I need help with my engine and trans conversion. My car originally came with a 351C and an FMX trans. I put in a 302 and have a C4 to back it up but I can't find any info on a C4 specific crossmember for the 71-73. Will the new power train be too short to use the original crossmember...