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    How bad is the 71 early 72 brake booster?

    it can. but if your booster is still holding vacuum then it is fine. I've had to replace my original booster 2 times. first was it was original to the car and the diaphragm was dead inside. the second blew up when i had a massive lean Carb backfire through the intake that blew up all my vacuum...
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    Transmission doesn't shift

    from what you wrote about the FMX: as it warms up you have more issues shifting. this is because the Transmission fluid is reaching temperature and becoming thinner in viscosity. at the same time you have the transmission components heating up and expanding. as this happens the  fluid pressure...
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    Is it just me or is there not that much going on??

    this topic is kind of old but i just saw it on my feed and i can give my opinion on what is going on. Forums in general have been on a downward trend for at least the last 15 years or more. people moved on to Facebook now and are using it like a forum. in general more people want everything in...
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    Mysteries of the A/C Heater box revealed

    This started as a thread under maintenance I decided to copy it here so more people could look it over, I hope this helps everyone when they need to rebuild or service this box behind the dashboard on 71-73 cars equiped with air conditioning. Link to my photos of rebuilding a heater A/C box you...
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    How to Rebuild a Ford 9 inch. Part 2

    As with any thread that is Thrown Together some information is left out or forgotten. This post will add more information to the tools needed to service any 3rd member. Basic tools: 1) First off your going to need a selection of Brass Tools. Brass hammer...
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    How to Rebuild a Ford 9 inch.

    How to Rebuild a Ford 9 inch. This is the Second iteration of my blog entries on Rebuilding my Ford 9". Originally this was a rambling collection of thoughts and multiple posts. I've tried to cobble everything back together since the original entries were lost. The Goal is to walk you through...
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    Steering column removal for ignition switch replacement.

    its been a while but you pop off the lower dash cover 2 Phillips screws that takes the lower plastic piece off the column. then there are either 2 or 4 large nuts (i forget) that will release the steering column from the dash. you will then have clearance to get to the ignition switch and the...
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    vendor choices

    amazing i have not been around in quite some time. i happened to be cleaning out my old emails and there was a coupon from mustangsunlimited so i went to the website and saw they went out of buisness. honestly i was shocked. Before i found DON at OMS i was using MU. i guess all those MU gift...
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    How Many Cranks Til Your Mach Starts?

    depends how long it sat and the fuel evaporation from the bowls. sits a long time then i crank it for like 20-30 seconds to try and prime the fuel pump. stop. then i floor the pedal to set the curb idle and reset the choke(holley 4bbl double pumper) then crank it over usually starts in 5...
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    Suggestions on Holley spacer plate?

    i run the same intake with a 4 hole spacer with a holley. i needed the spacer for the clearance between the intake for the holley. i think i had to put a 1" spacer but i don't remember now. i use a Phenolic spacer just incase of vapor lock issues which i have not had. only issue with the 4...
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    dash light bulb covers

    if you will run leds do not use the blue covers. i learned the hard way and had to take my dash apart again to remove those blue filters.
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    Electrical issue, wont start justs makes one "click" noise

    rule of thumb. you have air, Spark, fuel. air is working spark is working next issue fuel. did it go bad in the tank. is the carb gummed up with bad gas. is there a clogged fuel filter. etc...
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    What to do to 351c 4v heads?

    something overlooked if these are open chamber V4 heads throw them in the garbage and get closed chamber heads.
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    No reverse in C4 and Slipping?

    the seals are most likely dried out and leaking. you could drop in some lucas transmission fix. maybe it kind of gets you moving but you need to rebuild the trans. fresh fluid causes more problems in a old transmission that was on its way out where the fluid was never changed from new for...
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    Tackling the rescue of a butchered fastback

    the amount of money to undo the damage exceeds getting another car and starting over. money being no object yeah you can restore it. but she already spent so much money that you are going to exceed another 15K to make it right and then there still won't be money to make the car perfect. plus...
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    What are your guys thoughts on the new convex sport mirror assy

    i bought just the mirror quite a few years ago. however it was one of the best upgrades for the car next to converting the interior lights to LED. i recommend anyone that drives their car installs it.
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    Rear brakes sticking sometimes??

    based on the information the first thing i would do is replace the soft rubber line, flush the system and rebleed with new fluid. then go test. if the front lines are just as old as the rear i would replace them as well.
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    first nice day, disaster.

    Finally got the car back on the road. parts were back ordered. I was suspecting more damage but the prop valve and the master cylinder appear to be ok. the drum shoe failing appears to have been the only problem. i rebuilt both rear drums, flushed the entire system with new dot 3 fluid and...
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    first nice day, disaster.

    been a few months finally jacked up the piece of junk to get the wheels off because i need to rebleed all 4 calipers and wheel cylinders when changing the master. got the new master and bench bleed kit, got a new vacuum bleeder as well. now after the brake failure i noted that the right rear...
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    first nice day, disaster.

    no was the 14th. amazingly the failure happened just at the right time, no traffic no large hills. the pedal was to the floor but the car was still stopping of course when it happened i reduced speed to 20-30 mph. which i'm sure started to anger the cars building behind me. but i was able to...