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    Decal suppliers - looking for feedback on quality

    Hi all, I just shipped my Mach1 to Germany and in transit it picked up some paint chips/damage to the front and rear.   The trunk lid and right side rear quarter panel will need painting so consequently the Mach1 decal and stripes will need to be replaced.  I've found the replacements at NPD...
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    Main beam warning light location and color?

    Hi all, can someone tell me where this lamp is on the dashboard and the color of the lamp when illuminated please? Thanks.   Nigel B
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    Colorized Mustang Wiring and Vacuum Diagrams

    Hi all I've bought the wiring diagrams that are advertised here but having installed the DVD and completed the necessary code log in I still cannot open...
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    OE Hood and Fender Chrome Moldings in Excellent Condition

    Hi everyone I'm selling these as a set. They are in excellent condition with no pitting and all fixing lugs are in place. There is very minor overspray in evidence, mostly on the extreme edge of the fender moldings but this will easily remove with some fine wire wool. Asking $150 firm plus...
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    Copy parts - survey?

    Thanks to this site I recently managed to find the 'hard to find' under hood light that was installed originally as part of the convenience pack on my car. It occurred to me that there could be value in collaborating with some of the big Mustang parts suppliers (NPD, Ohio etc) to put together a...
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    Single vs dual diaphragm distributor 72 Q Code

    Guys apologies for the basic question..... I want to order the correct vacuum lines from Marti There are two sets shown for my car a 72 Q Code. How can I tell if my car has the single or dual diaphragm distributor please? I do not have Ram Air (in...
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    Underhood lamp - part of convenience pack

    Hi all, I'm having trouble tracking down one of these - can anyone help?
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    Happy Boy

    It's been a hot weekend of everything Mustang here in Motor City with the Mustang Alley event tied to the Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday and then Miustang Memories on Sunday organised by MOCSEM at the the Ford Product Development Center. Following a quick wash and leather and a 2/3 polish on...
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    Calling Canadians - metric speedo wanted for Mach1

    Hi Guys, I'm still looking for the above and wondered whether any of our Canadian members might have or know the whereabouts of one. I need one with the trip meter. Through Luxstang on here I have found one in Europe but it's not the right type so I'm continuing to search. I don't want to go...
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    Manual gearbox noise - synchro issue?

    I have a 72 351 Q with manual four speed. I've noticed a very short duration (1 secondish) kind of grinding noise intermittently from my gearbox that happens when the car is in reverse. I've not noticed it (yet) in any forward gears. It happens when the car is moving so the clutch engaged...
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    Speedometer for 72 Mach 1 with metric km face

    Anyone have one of the above to sell? I'm living in the US at the moment but am thinking that when I move back to Europe one day I may well take my Mach 1 that I've fallen in love with, with me - that would be to Germany and as a classic over 30 years old getting it registered should not be too...
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    Interior door lock rattle

    The chrome locking buttons on the inside rear of both my doors rattle. I picked up new ferrules from NPD (both types that they sell) with the anti-rattle 'fur' on the inside edge, but when I trial fit them, both types are a lose fit in the holes that are in the doors...if you follow me. Does...
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    Taking care of my bottom

    When I bought my Mach 1 last summer I was fortunate to have great advice from a work colleague of mine at Ford, Mike Berardi who is something of a Mustang guru and he helped me find a car with all original steel in great condition. My car had had a repaint at some stage and looked good from...
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    Tire valve advice

    I just ordered my new 15" Magnum 500 from Summit to replace my older 14" 500's that I know are incorrect, and will be fitting BFG Radial 245's next w/e. Which valves do you guys recommend? I guess just regular rubber valves were used when the cars were new - something like these from NPD...
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    Rear suspension (bump) stop installatiion tips

    I'd really appreciate any tips that will help me get new stops installed on the rear of my Mach 1. When I bought it one was missing and the other looked like it was 42 years old..... I now have two new ones ready to be fitted and have had an initial unsuccessful attempt. It is just a question...
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    1972 Mach 1 351 Cobra Jet non ram air - which air cleaner?

    When I bought my car last year I was pleased that it was generally unmodified. One thing that had been changed however was the fitment of an aftermarket chrome pancake type air cleaner assembly, a relatively easy thing to change back to original - if you can get the parts.... So this week...
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    Protection against flat spots on tires

    I've just put my car away for the winter and want to buy something similar to these tire protectors that are sold by Holden in the UK. I've Googled unsuccessfully. Are any of you guys familiar with these in the US and if so who supplies? I can buy them in the UK and get them shipped but...
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    Interior mirror

    Rearward vision in our cars is not great at the best of times but is not helped in my car by the fact that the finish on the mirror glass on my interior screen mounted mirror has degraded considerably, and as far as I know there are no OEM or Repro parts available. Has anyone tried using any of...
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    Carpet installation tips

    My Mach 1 still has the original carpet set and they are turning crumbly. I've bought a replacement set from NPD and have read the accompanying instructions on the manufacturers website at Do you guys have any special tips beyond what the manufacturer recommends? They mention that...
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    72 Mach 1 Magnum Wheel and Tire - what is correct?

    Hi all, here's the first of my several queries as a newbie so bear with me - my guess is they've been answered before. I just did a quick search and didn't get to my answer... My 72 Mach 1 has Magnum 500 with Dunlop Radial GT Qualifiers all round - see pics in my gallery. I know they were not...