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  1. Q1SVT

    Blocking off manifold's exhaust crossover

    LOL, piston are in the combustion chamber and would see some of the hottest temperature and they do not get anywhere near five hundred degrees... Exhaust valves get hottest because the have no place to shed heat and are in the middle of the exhaust flow. How often do you change your pistons...
  2. Q1SVT

    Blocking off manifold's exhaust crossover

    Sorry Stanglover... was not referring to your comment... Was to OP
  3. Q1SVT

    Blocking off manifold's exhaust crossover

    FYI, .018 thick anything is going to get you in trouble... no need to use SS, Al melts @ over 1200*, it will never see that temperature . Old days we used a thin piece of a beer can... last time I just used heavy duty Aluminum foil [kitchen use] sprayed a little permatex on the Al and stuck...
  4. Q1SVT

    Engine identification

    Like in the states an Aussie motor most likely has been rebuilt... You'll need to determine the stroke, or see the casting '302' on crankshaft to know if 302 or 351 crankshaft... For heads Aussie made heads 302 & 351 do not have the number in the corners of the head. But it's easy to know if...
  5. Q1SVT

    Precipitous drop in oil pressure at idle

    LOL, close but no cigar ... But an oil Temp gauge might help. It's a guess but the only thing is the motor is getting hotter & hotter [what is the water temp gauge showing as oil pressure is dropping?] That's why a oil temp might show oil getting hot... less viscosity as it heats up...
  6. Q1SVT

    4V Hooker Comp VS Doug Headers-which is best?

    Because Headers like many things on a build are very specific to YOUR combination... Here are two very good write ups.. It about N/A racing motors but many great points for a street car https://www.enginelabs...
  7. Q1SVT

    351c exhaust manifold questions

    Dead soft aluminum aka Easy-to-Form Pure 1000 Series Aluminum Clamp two together between two pieces of wood and use hole saw. Tin snips to cut outside shape. Jegs, others sell a single 4V & 2V header flange, clamp AL** between flange and wood block and use a trim router. [yes, will need to...
  8. Q1SVT

    Boss 351 Oil Pan and Windage tray

    It's does not matter how high it is in a sitting pan... Because most oil when running is in the top end. AND there are many differences on OEM 351C's drain backs... Yes all 351C heads have those drains in the corner of each head, but the 2V are open between the intake runners, 4V it's just the...
  9. Q1SVT

    Boss 351 Oil Pan and Windage tray

    Parents purchased a new 64-1/4 mustang 289 2v. Brother raced his friends never lost. When it came to me I installed a 289 4V, sold old one to a friend. When disassembled motor had just two 2V pistons and six 289 4V HIPO's... Yes, no one wants to stop the production line lol thks
  10. Q1SVT

    Boss 351 Oil Pan and Windage tray

    Hemikiller... interested in how you know? There is a lot of bad data out there on the internet... youtube even more BS [jm2c] I'm a first owner/current of a 73 H-Code [and purchased many 70 untouched blocks], no baffles on 2V.. Second owner of a 70 M-code [first owner was Ford Motor Company...
  11. Q1SVT

    Boss 351 Oil Pan and Windage tray

    No one that I know of... All 70-71 351C M-Codes, and all CJ oil pans had the lower baffles like the Boss 351C did. Some aftermarket pans come with a lower baffle... you could just make the upper one. BUT no one will see it so I would buy a windage that bolts to the bottom of the block. MPG had a...
  12. Q1SVT

    Need help - 71-73 Pedal Support questions

    Well the winged support showed up, and thought some might like an update... Before and after for 71-73 support brackets [power disk & auto trans] works w/OEM & aftermarket clutch pedals So need more help. Any one have a 71-73 manual support that they removed the clutch bushing and it's...
  13. Q1SVT

    How do I know cleaning the fuel line is a lost cause?

    ... pay me now or pay me more later lol Just not fifty year old ones.... SS lines plus a new manufactured [higher carbon steel] fuel tank is what's needed today... jm2c Foot note: need to retune motors Air Fuel Ratio's for 10% ethanol gasoline... 14.7 for pure gasoline EQUATES to...
  14. Q1SVT

    [found] Looking for a single - Five slot SS rim OEM 14" x 7"

    1971-1973 D0ZZ-1007-C five slot... 14" x 7" [Total width is 8" with a backspacing of 4"] I know SD is reproducing them, but the aussie wheels have a deeper rim around the slots [as is in picture]. My OEM's have a softer stampings around slots. Guess the dies were wearing down by 1973 lol...
  15. Q1SVT

    C6 rebuild... or not

    Here is a second one with a little more info again on servo, modulator, etc... Richard is a good old boy, who knows his chit... love that dirty bird 'firebird' Hope it help you get the stang back running good, your shop should be looking at how a 1971 429CJ/SCJ C6 was built... 73's 351C's...
  16. Q1SVT

    C6 rebuild... or not

    I might have shared this on 71-73 before, May want to watch this video... listen to his comments on servo [you might not have the correct/big enough one] or 'spring'... The black stripe modulator tooo .... Actually all of his comments. I like C6's built correctly and with performances...
  17. Q1SVT

    Need help - 71-73 Pedal Support questions

    Thanks... have seen the support many times, just never saw anything ever bolted to it. Think it's either for a tilt, or ford was thinking of bringing back the tilt-away... Just ordered winged support to compare side by side. pic is the additional bracket for the wing on column/pedal support
  18. Q1SVT

    Need help - 71-73 Pedal Support questions

    I have a 1970, and 1973 Ford manuals... Took a look at the 429 F/C 71 mega site, and a lot of googling not able to get a clear understanding. See pictures of two different 71-72 manual pedal supports. Does anyone know why or what the wing [on the rusty] support is used for? Sorry for the...
  19. Q1SVT

    Need help... on a measurement on a 351C manual bell housing

    thanks... no hurry on the measurement Might want to check if the motor is sitting flat across the top, like valve covers [can be a little clockwise or counter clockwise in your case].. When engine support brackets, perches are R&R they have enough play to not let the block sit level. May not...
  20. Q1SVT

    Austrailian heads project

    Thank You & Welcome back... been awaiting more details on your Aussie 302C heads... 220 CFM's seem to follow the numbers FM posted years ago on a 2V OC heads. But they have good 'swirl' numbers in the lower RPM's [data I've been using for a long time] included some FM data www.fordmuscle...