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  1. Q1SVT

    [found] Looking for a single - Five slot SS rim OEM 14" x 7"

    1971-1973 D0ZZ-1007-C five slot... 14" x 7" [Total width is 8" with a backspacing of 4"] I know SD is reproducing them, but the aussie wheels have a deeper rim around the slots [as is in picture]. My OEM's have a softer stampings around slots. Guess the dies were wearing down by 1973 lol...
  2. Q1SVT

    Need help - 71-73 Pedal Support questions

    I have a 1970, and 1973 Ford manuals... Took a look at the 429 F/C 71 mega site, and a lot of googling not able to get a clear understanding. See pictures of two different 71-72 manual pedal supports. Does anyone know why or what the wing [on the rusty] support is used for? Sorry for the...
  3. Q1SVT

    Need help... on a measurement on a 351C manual bell housing

    Like many I'm doing an auto to manual conversion. BUT I have a shatter shield BH and need to know the thickness of an aluminum BH for the two bolt holes that is used to secure the PIVOT BRACKET, the Clutch Equalizer Bar attaches to. see picture Prefer dimension from an OEM BH... but an...
  4. Q1SVT

    Interesting performance from an OEM 4V Intake

    A Boss 351C like build, but a 383 ci  @7000 RPM First runs with a Holley Strip Dominator Manifold HP 625 at 7300 Torque at 5600 490 Factory Dual Plane with .500 divider cut down HP 585 at 7000 Torque at 5100 470 Ford generally did...
  5. Q1SVT

    1971-73  mustang manual clutch equalizer bar linkage

    1971-73  mustang manual clutch equalizer bar linkage Does anyone know the measurement of the: ‘centerline of the equalizer bar to the centerline of the upper clutch linkage hole on the equalizer bar lever’ ?   There might be a difference on the clutch fork side, but that one is not needed.  ...