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    Starter relay wiring - Junction Block

    The junction block is there for cars that had a lot of power options - like power windows, top, AC, rear defrost, convenience group, etc. They way the options were created meant there were too many spade connections that needed to be made without providing a second post. There just weren't...
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    Trunk release latch???

    There are electric releases specific to the Mustang. I have seen kits that include the latch, wiring and switch that were over the counter parts back in the day. The switch is mounted in the glovebox.
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    Horde old parts, or toss?

    Some parts do wear out, and springs are on that list. Some original parts are too damaged to repair, particularly when good reproduction parts are available (think melted or shattered consoles and dash panels, or fiberboard door panels that got soaked). Other parts just aren't safe anymore...
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    Door alignment, which hinge to adjust

    First thing you need to do is make sure the hinges and hinge pins are sound. If your pins and bushings are worn, adjusting the hinge placement is the wrong first step.
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    Kar Kraft 1973 Trans Am Mustang

    It didn't do that well back in the day, but it would be a fun drive now.
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    5/16” copper steel tubing

    Check with HVAC installers or repair guys - they may have some suitable cutoffs left over after a job.
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    Looking to Refinish Magnum Wheels

    I've searched the forums and have come up with threads that are pretty dated as far as recommendations for companies that will refinish Magnum wheels. I have been poking around da googs and have found plenty of companies who do a bang up job with aluminum wheels, but none willing to take on...
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    Rear bumper bolt blues

    Have you tried removing the brackets from the taillamp panel? Then you can work on removing the bolts on a bench. Might give you easier access.
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    Headers vs Manifolds

    Depends on when the headers were installed.
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    71-73 mustang console clock Wire harness.

    I am not aware of anyone reproducing any of our harnesses at this point. Midlife can recondition existing harnesses and has some available in stock. Give him a look.
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    Tracking down old owners?

    Insurance helps the guy the car was stolen from, but not the guy that winds up with the car. The insurance company can still claim the car to recover their payout. You can also have tons of trouble getting it titled and licensed - in fact in some states the car can be confiscated. Even if you...
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    Problem found with Hella LED conversion headlights.

    Might be worth contacting Hella about this.
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    Rebuilding stolen convertible

    If you are on Facebook, there is a 71-73 group that has parts available.
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    72 Mustang Restomod

    I really like the interior.
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    Name of Parts

    Your brake lamp switch is in the wrong orientation - it should be rotated up 90 degrees.
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    1971 ford mustang - $6,000 sport coupe fast back

    No. Lots of other Ford cars did though.