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    Looking to Refinish Magnum Wheels

    I've searched the forums and have come up with threads that are pretty dated as far as recommendations for companies that will refinish Magnum wheels. I have been poking around da googs and have found plenty of companies who do a bang up job with aluminum wheels, but none willing to take on...
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    WTB - Front seat frames

    I am looking for a pair of complete front seat frames in good condition.  All I need is the frames - no upholstery or pads needed.  They can be stripped off and tossed to make shipping easier.  Rails are a plus, as is a seat back, hinge covers and latch release hardware (double bonus if the...
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    Transportation from central Florida to Missouri or Minnesota

    Is anybody dragging a trailer from central Florida to the St Louis area or Minnesota and has room for this...
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    1973 Urethane bumper, front and rear valance

    I have a friend in St Petersburg that has a urethane bumper and other bits for sale - he wants to move the parts and is willing to deal.  He can be reached at [email protected] or 727-768-5613. Here are some photos:
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    Question about Park and Belts warning lamps

    I have been going through the wiring diagrams on my never-ending quest for a convenience group harness and noticed something that has me puzzled.  On my car and the parts car I had awhile back there was a Belts indicator next to the power top switch.  This lamp would light up whenever the...
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    WTB 1971 Convenience Group Wiring Harness

    I am looking for a convenience group wiring harness for a '71.  The one I have is out of a Cougar (missing map light connector and glove box light socket and switch connector as these are standard on Cougar).  The Mustang harness has connectors for the passenger door jamb switch, seat back latch...
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    Trick to Removing HVAC Knobs?

    Ok - so what's the trick to removing the small chromed plastic knobs from the HVAC levers?  I don't see any metal tabs or spring releases and there doesn't seem to be any glue residue anywhere, but those things have a GRIP!
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    Need '71 Lo note horn

    Molasses and pot metal do NOT mix.  Now I need a replacement low note horn.  Hopefully not too pitted and it needs to work. Thanks!
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    Rubber Stamps for Part Numbers

    Is anyone aware of a place that would make rubber stamps with the correct fonts and size for reproducing part numbers that were stamped with paint onto various bits and pieces?  I am rebuilding my windshield wiper motor and the part number and build date are stamped in a very conspicuous place...
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    1971Suspension and steering

    I noticed a few things while disassembling my front suspension and steering systems.  First, I don't think any of my suspension components have been replaced - ever.  Nothing has a zirk fitting, so I am assuming everything is original.  Second, how many of these components can actually be...
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    Clutch rods, equalizer bar, brackets, and Hurst shifter rod finishes for 1971

    Hello - I tried search but came up empty.  I am looking for guidance on the finishes for the clutch and gearbox activation parts.  The MCA judging rules are a bit vague in these areas.  They merely state that the transmission "linkage" is Clear or Yellow Zinc dichromate, reverse lock rod is...
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    1971 302 Oil Pressure Gauge Mounting

    I am in the process of getting my '71 302 ready for the engine dyno.  I'm adding the center gauge cluster to my car, and the car that the engine came from (another '71 Convertible built within 2 weeks of mine - holy date codes Batman!) did not have gauges, which means it did not have the sender...
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    [WTB] Clutch Equalizer Bar (z bar)

    Before I go trying to weld up the oval holes in my original equalizer bar (aka z-bar), I thought I'd see what people have available.
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    Hole pattern for power brake proportioning valve

    Does anyone have a bare enough engine compartment that can take a quick photo of the hole pattern for the proportioning valve?  A measurement from a fixed point would be handy too.  I replaced the apron and forgot to replace the holes...
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    Props to Forel Pubishing (AKA

    Wasn't sure where to put this, but these guys publish/reprint all of the original parts manuals, service guides, shop tips, wiring diagrams, etc. for vintage Ford cars and trucks.  About 15 years ago, they started providing electronic copies on CD-ROM that had this horrid digital rights...
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    1971 302 alternator head bracket

    I am looking for an alternator bracket that mounts to the head of a 302.  Looks like this: Extra credit if you have the spacer too!
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    WTB - 71 Convetible decklid

    Looking for a good used '71 convertible decklid.  Bonus points for spoiler mounting holes and torsion springs.
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    Under Cowl Insulation

    Does anyone have the insulation that attaches to the cowl/firewall behind the dash panel and over the pedal box?  Mine is long gone and I can't find any reproductions.  This is not the heavy mat that fits the width of the firewall - this is the lighter, plastic faced jute-like stuff that...
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    '71 Toploader - RUG-AW1 Wide Ratio

    Ignore the tag number in the title! I am looking for RUG-AV1 Looking for a complete, rebuilt or rebuildable '71 wide ratio toploader.  I'm located in SE Minnesota, but can travel to pick up a good part.
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    [WTB] Brake pedal for '71 power brake manual transmission

    Subject says it all - looking for a brake pedal for a manual transmission/power brake setup.  Car is a '71 convertible.