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  1. J

    WTB Lakewood Safety plate 15726

    I have the bellhousing but no plate.  Factory plate is too small to bolt to bottom so I need this part to use the bellhousing and I cannot find it available anywhere.  If you have one for sale let me know!
  2. J

    Need info on hydraulic throw out bearing, brake and clutch pedals for upcoming work

    I have to pull my engine and either repair or replace the block.  While I am at it, I am going to put a spare engine in, but decided it would be a good time to take care of a few things.   I am going to convert to a hydraulic clutch, remove the brake booster and convert to manual brakes. If...
  3. J

    1973 Tilt steering column

    I bought one several years back and stashed it in my parts storage.  If someone is interested I'll pull it, photo it and set a price.
  4. J

    Hood lock install

    Well I bought them some time back, but the thought of cutting holes in my hood kept me from getting to this project for some time. Well Sunday I decided that it was time to either do it right or mess it up. First I mounted the brackets. I removed the hood adjusters and the brackets installed in...
  5. J

    Engine hoist modification

    I use my hoist around the shop for moving a lot more than just engines. (You ever try and move a cast iron powerglide?) So in a moment of clarity I decided that I would convert my hoist to air over hydraulic operation.  It could not be easier, two bolts, it dropped in perfectly and it works...
  6. J

    1929 Model A Tudor

    If you saw my lifter bushing threads, you might know I am building a Model A Tudor Not sure if anyone would like to follow a build thread on the chassis.  I have a frame built and am getting ready to start fitting a 1990 Corvette front and rear suspension this fall. The intention is to run a...
  7. J

    Lifter Bushings

    Who is using them and who has installed them? If you installed them did you use any locktite?  My belief is it is not necessary as they end up burnished into place and the bronze expands faster than cast iron, so is unlikely to ever move. But I'm ready to install a set in my current build and...
  8. J

    Broke my block

    I took my car for a short drive Friday and heard a bang and something bounce off the underside of my car.  Stopped and went into the street to see what it was.  Found that I had broken the corner off of the block above the starter right through the dowel pin hole.  I am fairly confident that it...
  9. J

    Fuel system upgrade

    I have installed a RobbMc Fuel pump and regulator and am currently running lines to the 22 gallon fuel cell I put in.  I haven't been real active lately as I helped out my cousin and did a C-4 front suspension swap, gas tank relocate, AC install for his 56 Ford F 100 which turned into a drawn...
  10. J

    Check your tires

    So I went to do back brakes yesterday and found I had tireds not tires ;)  oops
  11. J


    I tend to avoid body work for a multitude of reasons, but from time to time I do find it necessary to be able to do a repair. I had such an occasion the other night as my son damaged his Toyota Rav 4 just ahead of the rear driver side wheel. I have, but had never before used a stud welder from...
  12. J

    2015 Mustang Rack and Pinion unit

    So as I am knee deep in projects including a build of a 1928 Ford Model A Tudor I am always looking for new options. I am putting in a front suspension out of a C-4 and was thinking of using a manual Mustang rack to deal with crossmember/frame width mismatches. Out of curiosity I looked up the...
  13. J

    Grande-very nice
  14. J

    Saturday's heroic action

    While working around the shop my friend has built, I damaged the tail shaft housing of a Chevrolet Turbo 350 transmission.  That is one chevy part that won't find its way into a ford! Unfortunately I was going to put it in a 95 Mustang GT roller to sell as a pseudo drag car so I guess I have to...
  15. J

    Toploader question

    Okay, feel free to roast me over this, but would a 4 speed toploader out of a 1965 mustang be any different than one out of a 71-73 mustang?  I have a line on one for my 29 Tudor at a pretty decent price $500 and in the local area. Other than the early 25 spline input shaft is there anything...
  16. J

    1965 T-bird Coupe to save Just brought it home yesterday and have started the clean out before the clean up.  need to get it running, but first have to get the nasty headliner down and the interior clean.  No sign of mice type pest...
  17. J

    Fuel system upgrade

    As my engine's fuel needs exceed the capacity of the stock fuel lines and pump, I decided to do something about it. I'm adding 1/2 braided line front to back. a RobbMC mechanical fuel pump able to suppl sufficient fuel for up to 1100 horsepower with their regulator and a 100 micron filter and...
  18. J

    Wiring issue

    So I went my a friend's shop so I could weld a few plates to the underside of my car for the seat belt harnesses and after finishing a friend noticed my front lights come on with the brakes.  WTF?  look like I have a wiring mystery to solve. I had a few tail light sockets I had to replace years...
  19. J

    Gas tank modification for larger fuel lines

    I am gathering and preparing to upgrade my fuel system using a RobbMC 1100 hp mechanical fuel pump and regulator system and to use 1/2 lines. After considering all my options I have come up with the following plan to modify my tank. The return line will go through the original stock fuel lines...
  20. J

    Proper rear panel placement

    So as I overhauled my panels, I thought the forward portions overlapped the rear portions. As I installed it I noticed all the holes suggested the opposite as did the way the two overlapped at the top in back so I put it in that way. I'm still not convinced that it is right and my panels had a...