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    Haynes Techbook for Ford Auto Transmissions like new $5.50 shipped

    I was looking for some material to help me with rebuilding a C6 and came across this. I ordered 2 of them since they were so cheap. I am giving the other to a buddy that gave me some parts including NOS stuff. I still owe him big time. Anyways the books arrived and look like new. The first place...
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    71 convertible

    Update. I sent my center section to get reset and just got it back. Got SS lines bent for the rear disks. I think the rear is ready to go back in. I also started fitting the oil coolers. I did not have to drill any holes in the radiator support. It is a tight fit. Currently disassembled...
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    I finally found my home!

    Welcome from Missouri
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    New here

    Welcome from Missouri! I think you will find this forum very helpful and the folks very willing to share their knowledge!
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    New member

    Welcome from St. Louis area! Nice car and more pics please.
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    Hello from Hamburg

    Welcome from MIssouri! Nice car
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    Master Parts Catalogs Online and Pinion Snubber Info

    Perhaps many of you already are aware of this but there are pdf's available online for 65-72 Fords. There are also files for earlier Fords. I used these with the help of a friend to help me figure out a pinion snubber question I have. pdf's Pinion snubber...
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    What is correct snubber arrangement 71 351-2v vert?

    Do you have a plate as well? I just install it there possibly.
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    WTB Complete 9" pinion snubber bracket assembly

    The arrangement on my car seems different? I posted under suspension on the forum hoping for some clarity. I am thinking I may need to "switch" configurations to use what you have (looks really good to me) but I need to figure out what is body mounted on mine. I removed it at least 25 yrs ago...
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    What is correct snubber arrangement 71 351-2v vert?

    Not really a resto. I will have around 650 hp and torque that I know I will never be able to hook up BUT I also want something that provides reasonable protection against wheel hop etc. I am still letting it bounce around in my head what that really entails. It is highly unlikely I will ever...
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    What is correct snubber arrangement 71 351-2v vert?

    I put those shocks on around 1995 or 96. Been stored indoors the entire time. I cut up the original exhaust. That was stupid of me. Muffler had the fotd part number but it was completely rusted inside (Arizona mice were probably like wtf when they woke up in Missouri). I wish I had taken more...
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    What is correct snubber arrangement 71 351-2v vert?

    You can see the original muffler attach. Car still had the original factory exhaust on it. The location i am referring to is in line with the driveshaft hump. The two bolts are loosely installed.
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    What is correct snubber arrangement 71 351-2v vert?

    I posted for a 9" mounted pinion snubber and now question what I am actually looking for. I located the original pumpkin I pulled around 25 yrs ago. It has no bracket mounted on the rear end. I am replacing it with a traction-loc. There is evidence of something being body mounted as can be seen...
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    WTB Complete 9" pinion snubber bracket assembly

    I just realized i am missing this piece! Putting my rear end back together and saw someone posted on FB about missing this piece. I looked at my vert rear end and sure enough it is not there (Mach 1 has it). Does anyone have this part? It bolts to the front top of the 3rd member. Edited to add...
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    Problems installing Mach 1 rear decal on trunklid

    Thx much! I should have asked first.  So much for assuming they make them correctly.
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    GT-351 Fender decals

    I got these custom made from someone on etsy. Richard Valenzi sent me a printed version. They were not as easy to install as the licensed Mach 1 fender emblems but it turned out OK. They cost me about $15 each so not bad at all. If you know anyone that needs them I can hook them up with a set.
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    Problems installing Mach 1 rear decal on trunklid

    I tried installing a Ford licensed decal but it does not quite follow the trunklid body lines. This is the decal that is the full width of the trunk lid and continues onto the quarter extensions. It is like there needs to be a slight curvature to the decal but is it cut straight. The bottom thin...
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    New vendor to me: Ecklers

    I came across Eckler's first when i was looking into restoring a vette.  I did just buy something from them and it was promptly delivered.