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    Haynes Techbook for Ford Auto Transmissions like new $5.50 shipped

    I was looking for some material to help me with rebuilding a C6 and came across this. I ordered 2 of them since they were so cheap. I am giving the other to a buddy that gave me some parts including NOS stuff. I still owe him big time. Anyways the books arrived and look like new. The first place...
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    Master Parts Catalogs Online and Pinion Snubber Info

    Perhaps many of you already are aware of this but there are pdf's available online for 65-72 Fords. There are also files for earlier Fords. I used these with the help of a friend to help me figure out a pinion snubber question I have. pdf's Pinion snubber...
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    What is correct snubber arrangement 71 351-2v vert?

    I posted for a 9" mounted pinion snubber and now question what I am actually looking for. I located the original pumpkin I pulled around 25 yrs ago. It has no bracket mounted on the rear end. I am replacing it with a traction-loc. There is evidence of something being body mounted as can be seen...
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    WTB Complete 9" pinion snubber bracket assembly

    I just realized i am missing this piece! Putting my rear end back together and saw someone posted on FB about missing this piece. I looked at my vert rear end and sure enough it is not there (Mach 1 has it). Does anyone have this part? It bolts to the front top of the 3rd member. Edited to add...
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    GT-351 Fender decals

    I got these custom made from someone on etsy. Richard Valenzi sent me a printed version. They were not as easy to install as the licensed Mach 1 fender emblems but it turned out OK. They cost me about $15 each so not bad at all. If you know anyone that needs them I can hook them up with a set.
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    Problems installing Mach 1 rear decal on trunklid

    I tried installing a Ford licensed decal but it does not quite follow the trunklid body lines. This is the decal that is the full width of the trunk lid and continues onto the quarter extensions. It is like there needs to be a slight curvature to the decal but is it cut straight. The bottom thin...
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    Custom repro fender decals

    Does anyone know what would be a good vinyl to use for a GT-351 Mustang fender emblem? I finally found someone willing to do this. They said they use 2.5 mil thick Oracal 651 calendared vinyl glossy (meant for outdoor use with permanent adhesive).    The price is reasonable but i am thinking the...
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    All Ford show in Hermann, MO tomorrow

    Anyone going?
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    All Ford show in St. Charles, MO 7 Aug

    At Pundman Ford from 8a-2p.
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    Reverse backup lights stay on with key removed?

    I checked to make sure my garage door was closed and noticed my backup lights were on. I drove it to work today. It just started doing this. It has to be in reverse to remove key (lockout rod works properly). This is on my GT-351 4sp. I pumped brakes and turned key etc but they remained on. I...
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    WTB Hood light

    I am looking for a hood light that was part of the convenience group.  Shipping to 63368.  Anyone have a source for one of these?
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    Correct harness routing for map light installation

    I got a great map light. Cleaned it up and had previously spliced into my existing harness to upgrade to the convenience group (I repurposed a plug from a hacked up harness). Light works as expected however I am not sure my splice work providing enough spare length to install correctly. It looks...
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    Voltmeter conversion connection

    I am having a bit of a problem here with getting my voltmeter conversion working. I had Rocketman do the conversion. I got my dash assembled and installed and am ringing things out. I am using a jumper cable to apply power. It reads 14.4 volts at my truck. The plug to the voltmeter is a separate...
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    ACP Deluxe Dash Panel Passenger Side Installation

    I am trying to install the passenger side deluxe dash panel.  These have the undersized (compared to OEM parts) posts.  I have purchased metric and SAE speed nuts (PAL nuts).  I also have the AMK set and some original ones.  The original and AMK match each other but are too big (as mentioned in...
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    Alternate glove box light (heater control light)

    I found an alternate way to install a map light. I have a pretty chopped up under dash harness that I bought to get the gauge connector from. It had the heater light bulb harness on it. It was a perfect fit in the glove box light. I have already tapped into the light green/yellow stripe used in...
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    13B712 Harness Location

    I need some help please. The pic shows a 2 pin connector with a light green/red dot wire along with 2 brown wires. This plug is shown on the "Mustang Convenience System" wire diagrams. The plug is located above the glove box. I am uncertain what harness plugs into this other than the number...
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    eBay vacuum operated heater control valve (hose attached)

    $28 shipped. Seems like a good price?
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    Air Conditioner door defrost motor

    I am uncertain where the subject vacuum line connects? It has a connector which leads me to think I may not have gotten that far yet. It is the second from the right in the  one pic (2nd from left in vacuum diagram I am using). It is the blue stripe one. The larger pic shows how i have things...
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    Windshield wiper mechanism sealant?

    I found my original 71 vert wiper mechanism and motor. The mechanism seemed to have some type of sealant or gasket between the mechanism mount and the upper cowl that I have mostly scraped off. The part is in the pic. Any help appreciated!
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    Auxilary/Convertible power harness variations

    I have 2 usable harnesses.  They are the ones that come from the engine bay into the underdash area. One has a 72 part number as shown and has an additional power tap inside the engine area.  Is this for a light? I would really like to know what this additional power tap is used for since I...