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  1. BigBlue

    Hello from South Florida!

    Welcome from a fellow South Floridian! Love to see our 71-73s in the area.
  2. BigBlue

    Mysterious sound. Completely stumped.

    Jesus, I just realized I never came back to this post. Apologies to all. The culprit ended up being, as many guessed, the flexplate. The converter drain plug being misaligned pushed the flexplate out just enough for it to lightly rub the block separator plate. Turning the engine by hand was too...
  3. BigBlue

    Black interior shine

    +1 on the 303 as well. Awesome UV protection and leaves a deep, natural finish with minimal gloss. Glossy vinyl interiors are a pet peeve.
  4. BigBlue

    Location location

    I've seen these mounted inside the cabin multiple times. It's cleaner and the unit will last longer, as you'll keep the electronics away from engine heat and humidity. If you don't mind running the wiring inside the car and fandangling with the box in a hidden location, it's definitely the way...
  5. BigBlue

    What's in a name?

    Wow I missed this thread too! Here's mine... BigBlue - Josue
  6. BigBlue

    Anyone Interested in Going Electric?

    I feel that converting my classic Mustang would kind of ruin the feeling of driving a vintage car. Some of the smells, the sound, the way it acts, all of that would completely change. In which case, I'd be driving a classic Mustang just for looks, and honestly, looks are almost last in my order...
  7. BigBlue

    From Moscow with love!

    A warm WELCOME from sunny Miami! Glad to see some big nose Mustang representation in Russia. Hope to see the progress posted here on the site. Good luck!
  8. BigBlue

    I'm new here Hope to bring some good content!

    A warm (literally) welcome from Florida! Next time I’m in Texas I MUST visit your museum.
  9. BigBlue

    Rear Spoiler opinion, Yes or No?

    NO. Throwing my two cents in here... Rear spoilers on our cars are kind of stupid. They have no functionality, and other than keeping a car as-equipped from the factory or for originality's sake, they do more harm than good. The rear spoiler breaks up the clean body lines and makes the rear too...
  10. BigBlue

    Just looking at the pic makes me uncomfortable to shift

    You're all being harsh. I mean, do we even know the shape of the owner's arms?
  11. BigBlue

    Presenting COBRASTANG . . . a little teaser

    Looks like something that would've come out of the Ford lot. Very nice. Can you show us more pics?
  12. BigBlue

    Best overall muffler for boss 351..

    Maybe we can all dump clips of our exhausts to give Brad a better idea of what they sound like. I'll go first. My vote goes to Flowmaster 40 Series. 302, long tube Hookers, X-pipe, and dual 40 Series mufflers. Should sound even better hooked up to a 351.
  13. BigBlue

    Mysterious sound. Completely stumped.

    Wow Bob, to think something so seemingly insignificant could cause such a huge effect. And here I am thinking that mayyybe I can get away with leaving the torque converter misaligned in the meantime  :classic_rolleyes: lol 
  14. BigBlue

    Mysterious sound. Completely stumped.

    Excellent suggestions from everyone. At this point my priority will be checking the flexplate/converter area as well as the starter. Odds are it’s in that area, as the rest of the engine hasn’t really been fiddled with much. May even get one of those stethoscopes at harbor freight to help me...
  15. BigBlue

    Mysterious sound. Completely stumped.

    Oh right, I did forget to mention the oil pressure. I don't have an oil pressure gauge, so I removed one of the valve covers. Plenty of oil coming out. And yes midlife, no belt up front. Only thing spinning was the crank.
  16. BigBlue

    Mysterious sound. Completely stumped.

    Alright y’all... I’m usually not too bad at diagnosing the car, but this one has me completely and utterly stumped. First let me go through everything I’ve done, as some context might help. This January, I pulled out the engine and changed the rear main seal, oil pan gasket, all the freeze...
  17. BigBlue

    25 years appart 1995-2021

    I may be in the minority here, but I'm really diggin' that grille. 
  18. BigBlue

    Look what I found in the trunk

    I think the best way to tell if they're original is the yellowing on the pages. Based on how white the pages are, looks to be a reproduction. I have a well-preserved original and even on mine the pages are yellowed. And it has that distinct old book smell, too. Smell your manuals, y'all.