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    Interior Door Panel Question

    Here's what my interior door panels look like: I know there's no way to repair them, except charcoal lighter fluid. 🙂 Anyone have experience buying aftermarket deluxe interior door panels? If so, which company did you go with, and how was the result? Thanks! Doc
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    5 years and 5,000 posts

    So this is my 5,000th post. Never dreamed I'd ever spend so much time doing anything online. :huh: I joined in August, 2010, about a month after Barry (Rocketfoot) created the greatest website on the internet, back when there were only a handful of members. Shortly after I joined, BT...
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    Pertronix Ignitor II for sale

    I have two brand new Pertronix Ignitor II sets, one never opened and the other opened but only taken out of the box. I'd like to trade one for a brand new Ignitor I, and I'll sell the other for $50 bucks. Prices have come down recently, so I'll throw in shipping to CONUS. I also have a brand...
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    Interior Restoration Epiphany

    So I've been driving the 'vert which runs great, but the interior needs some major restoration. Seats cracked, door panels shot to hell, cracked dashpad, radio only has sound on the right side, rear window cranks need Godzilla to crank them, etc. And I've been lamenting putting together a whole...
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    Looks like we've been hacked

    Hey guys - Did anyone else have problems logging in today around 5PM Pacific Time? I did. And now I get a big banner stating "get your Instant Messages now by clicking here". And then directions to download the software to get the messages. Of course I don't download anything, but wanted to see...
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    4,000th post

    Well, this is my 4,000th post since I joined this site on August 7, 2010, the day I bought my convertible. It's been a lot of fun, and I'm proud to belong to this site and to interact with all it's members. Who's buying the first frosty beverage? :) ::beer::
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    Out of the Office

    Folks, I'll be heading to the mountains of Montana tomorrow for a much needed battery charge. I'll have my laptop with me so I might check in periodically, but most of the time will be spent with fish and other wildlife. :) I'll be back in about two weeks or so. Keep up the great conversations...
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    Alternator harness wiring

    OK, I've got this wiring harness: I had the large black/orange wire connected to the BATT on the alternator, the orange/blue wire on the GRD post, the FLD post was empty, and the black/white wire on the STA post. After installing a new voltage regulator there was no improvement. So I thought...
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    Welcome our newest Tech Advisor

    Please join me in welcoming Boss1Ray to the Staff as a technical adviser and to assist BT in the development of the WFQ. I know he'll be a valuable addition to the site staff. Welcome aboard, Ray!!
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    Charging system issue

    OK, I replaced the alternator harness with an NOS that I got a great deal on from Jeff73Mach1. It's beautiful. :) But I must have forgotten something. I've started the car probably 10 - 15 times since replacing the harness, and last weekend it turned over kind of sluggish. At WalMart, it...
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    Introducing the new and improved 73vertproject

    Sorry for the crappy pic, but I just got the new NASA/NACA hood and hinges installed and wanted to let you guys see the transformation that is taking place. Kinda miss the look of the old hood with the stripes, so I'm looking around for cool hood treatments for NASA hoods on 'verts. Lots of work...
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    Oil Dipstick bracket bolt

    Where does the oil dipstick tube attach to the block on the 351C (2V)? After I rebuilt the motor, I was anxious to get her fired up and forgot to install the oil dipstick tube. So I quickly jabbed it back in to stop the oil blowing out of the opening. It looks like the bracket should be bolted...
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    Need new wiring relay thingy

    I took a detour to freshen up the wiring around the solenoid and such since the hood is still off. I promptly broke this thing that I don't know the name for. Anyone have an extra laying around? I just need the part that has the two ears on it that bolt into the fender apron. Or the whole...
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    Shout out to OMS!

    Don - The new NASA hood arrived in perfect shape yesterday. Packaging was awesome. The hood is beautiful. If I didn't need it on the 'vert I'd hang it on my living room wall. :P Thank you for the top-notch service and stellar quality of the parts!
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    Catastrophic Hood Latch Failure

    Took the 'vert out for a spin, and on a straight empty stretch outside of town I opened her up. At about 90MPH the hood flew up and bent over backwards. Didn't hit the windshield and no one was hurt, thank God. Bent both hinges and I'm certain the hood is only a worthless piece of sheet metal...
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    Milk carton alert

    I took a short hiatus after the first of the year, and since returning I haven't seen James (Wolverine) out and about. With southern Cali weather, there's no excuse like "the 'Stang is buried in a snow drift" or "the Mach is stored at an inside commercial facility for the winter". Anyone know...
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    Interior restoration

    Well, I've had "Next up: Interior :-/ " on my sig line for awhile, so I figured I'd better either change the sig line or get started on the interior :-/ . Driver's door panel is shot, driver seat has seams coming apart, and rear seat has seam coming apart as well. There's a few other minor...
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    Starter, starter wire, alternator harness

    Finally got a chance to remove the original starter (the ONLY thing I didn't replace when I rebuilt the Cleveland last year). It was a bugger trying to drop it with the headers installed, and the transmission lines in place. Took it down to NAPA and it's toast. So time for a new one. Jeff...
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    Won't start after dying during the monthly startup

    Went out to start the 'vert and take it for its monthly decent weather drive. Started great after about 5 seconds of cranking. Starter sounded normal, fired right up, idled well as the engine was warmed up. Backed out of the driveway and drove 50 feet when she started missing a bit. Feathered...
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    3,000th Post

    This is my 3000th post since joining in August 2010. Before joining this group, I posted maybe 10 things online total. I must say I've enjoyed the ride, both literally and figuratively. :)