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    Disc brake issue

    Last week when i cruised the interstate at 60 mph my left front wheel blocked totaly ... , came loose again and blocked totaly again... when i managed to stop the car on the emergency lane i found out that there was a little chunck of steel between caliper and disc.. I removed it , wheel came...
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    Need a new radiator

    Guys , I realy need a new radiator for my 72 351CJ I looked at a lot of websites for 351C radiators , i found some but i'm not realy sure about measurements. It has to be a perfect fit ( upper and lower hose ) , i'm thinking about buying an aluminum one to go with the electric fan that i...
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    The Abandoned 71-73 Mustang thread

    I sometimes see pictures on the web of lost or abandoned mustangs. This thread is a place to post those pics so those cars will live on ... JB
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    Wanted console clock housing and dial

    Guys , Does someone has non working console clock lying around..... It does not have to work , i only need the clockdial ( has to be in fair condition ) and housing. Kind regards, JB --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Console clock housing + clock dial

    Guys , Does someone has non working console clock lying around..... It does not have to work , i only need the clockdial ( has to be in fair condition ) and housing.:-/ Kind regards, JB
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    2005 Mustang V6

    Guys , I bought myself a new toy , it's a 2005 V6 Legend Lime. It has a standard V6 grille ( no foglights ) and want to ad the GT looks. I know a GT has a different grille as a V6 so an original GT grille would not fit. So i need a foglightgrille for a V6 , there are diferent vendors on Ebay...
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    Cooling problems

    Guys , Need some advice .... My 351CJ is running hot when driving ( and idling ). My radiator was restored last year so it should be clean , i have a new 351C thermostat , restrictor plate is where it should be. When i bought the car it had an electric fan , with a temp sensor build in the...
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    need console clock dial

    Guys , I'm restoring a long console for my 72. I need a clock face , does anybody has a spare one or a good print so i can make myself one :huh: Kind regards, JB
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    car is wobbling

    Guys i realy need you help on this one. When i drive my mach at 60/70 mph the car starts to wobble. ( i hope i use the right word for it !? ) Its a whining noise an a feeling that the car shakes every 1 1/2 second. It's the same feeling as when there is a loose wheel on the car. I have new...
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    Electric fuel pump

    Guys, I think i have to buy myself a electric fuel pump. I need to know what kind i have to buy!? How many psi fuel pump do i need to buy and how many gph !? I have a 351cj with aprox 300 hp, with a Edelbrock 650. JB
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    anti freeze and batery OK tag

    Guys, Does anyone has pictures from original 71-73 Ford anti-freeze and Battery OK tags !?? Searched the internet but only found a hand full of pictures. JB
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    Distributor question

    Guys, As my buddy helped me a lot to restore my 72 351CJ he asked my a question today about his 351W engine in his 78 Ranchero. Car is running bad and i already found out that the vacuum advance on his distributor is leaking. ( he also needs a new 2bbl car but thats a different story ) So he...
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    Carburator question

    Guys, I have the following problem and realy don't know jow to solve it. My 351CJ has an Edelbrock manifold and carb. When i park the car for a couple of days an try to start in again it won't start. When i pour gasoline directly in the carb it starts right up and keeps running fine. Short...
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    Window crank

    Guys , I have 2 window cranks in my car who are marked as 72 cranks. I have the style with the notch as pictured. I ordered a new knob for one of them because the clear plastic has broken. Got the "Scott Drake" style knob now who is all clear and has no ice-chrystal marking in it. This knob...
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    Restoration parts

    Guys , I used Mustangs Unlimited for a couple of years now , It seems that their website is down the last 1 1/2 week or so !? As i realy need to order some parts fast , do you know some other vendors who have the same stuff as M.U. !?? I tried Don's Ohio website , but they don't have all...
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    Neutral safety switch

    The neutral safety switch on my 72 6C is not working how it should. Is there a possibility that i can rebuild the switch ?? or do i have to buy a new one for $ 130,- !!?? kind regards, JB
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    Seatbelt question

    Guys, I gave my seatbelts a good clean-up today. As i was doing this the next question popped up. Where are those little laces for that are atached to the longer front belts !? JB
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    Found LH + RH parking lamps

    Does anyone has a pair of nice LH + RH parking-lights for sale. I only need the steel housings , mine are crusty. kind regards, John Broer
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    cardboard below sill plate

    How do i install the 2 carboard pieces that go below the sill plates under the carpet ?? Does someone has a clear picture from that ?? JB
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    quarter windows down ??

    Guy's Strange question !? Today something strange caught my eye. I saw a 1971 Mach-1 with the quarter windows down !? Was this an option on the 71-73 stangs ?? JB