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    WTB: Right Vent Duct

    I need the short duct (plenum) that connects the passenger side vent to the fresh air assembly. This is the piece that runs next to the glove box. Can anyone help? Thanks, Don
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    Photo Request: Inside of Rear Window

    I'd love to see photos of the trim around the inside of a fastback rear window. Something's missing on my car; it looks like the previous owner took a short cut...
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    WTB: Center Dash Cubby aka Map Pocket

    Does anyone have a plastic upper storage compartment from the center bezel of a non-AC car? Thanks! Don
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    Brand New C6 Neutral Safety Switch FS or trade for FMX version

    I bought a new neutral safety switch for a C6 only to discover I need a NSS for a FMX. I can't return it because "no returns on electronics". $85 and I'll pay for shipping. Or... I'll gladly swap for an FMX neutral safety switch. I can email pics if you want them Thanks, Don
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    Please help ID my C6. I need a Neutral Safety Switch

    Can anyone identify this C6 shifter linkage? Or the C6 itself? It's definitely not original to my '73. There's no neutral safety switch, and I want one! Will a regular 1973 NSS fit on this thing???
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    WTB: Fresh Air Vent cable

    I just noticed the passenger's side fresh air vent cable assembly is missing. No cable, knob or mounting bracket. The vent itself is intact. Let me know if you have one you're willing to sell. Thanks, Don
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    Urethane Shock Bushings?

    I'd like to replace the top rubber bushings on my front KYB shocks with poly bushings. Like so many of us, when I jack up the car the rubber bushings get crushed. Can anyone clue me in to a source? What size bushings should I get?
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    Weird turn signal issue

    The right turn signal works fine, but the left stays on (no blinking). Checked/tested bulbs and ground. Replaced the relay. Could it be the switch?
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    More mystery wires in engine bay by firewall

    I feel like a broken record, but here I go again... More mystery wires under the hood by the firewall. Hopefully easy to ID for someone...I hope... #1 from main harness near brake master - weird clip/plug. #2 larger cut wire. #3 back of intake manifold #4 thru center / top of firewall
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    Couple more wiring questions: Engine gauge harness I.D.

    I bought this repro engine gauge harness for my 351 auto. I think the plug on the far left is oil pressure, and the 2 on the far right are coil+ and water temp. What are the other 4 plugs?? Also have an under dash question: can anyone tell me which wire is the main power source for all the...
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    Wiring advice needed: changing from 73 to 71 front end

    Can someone confirm some wiring info for me? My 73 has a 71 front end, so there is no wiring for the fog lights. I bought a complete headlight wiring harness from a 71. I'm assuming it will be plug-n-play. Is that correct?? Or will I need to replace the harness under the dash as well?
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    Cleaning the headliner?

    What should I use to clean the headliner? There's some small mold/mildew spots. Overall, the original headliner is in fair condition so I don't want to replace it yet.
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    For Sale: Belltech 9966 front/rear sway bar kit

    I bought a Belltech 9966 front/rear sway bar kit specifically for 71-73 Mustangs. but found the rear bar DOES NOT use the factory mounting points. It requires two holes to be drilled (which I won't do). It's not something I can return, so someone here can get a great deal. It's a really nice...
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    Fold-Down Seat Question...

    I plan to replace the front and rear shocks next week. Any advice to get at the rear shocks would be appreciated. I've never removed the fold down rear seat before...
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    Where to buy a complete 9" 3rd member?

    Can anyone recommend an inexpensive online source for a complete 3rd member? I'd like to get a traction lock 3:70-3:89 28 spline. I have a feeling it might be cheaper to buy a new center section than it will to rebuild my open rear.
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    WTB: non A/C heater control

    For some reason, my 73 has an A/C heater control, but the car never had A/C. So, I'm looking for a heater control module for a non A/C car. I see them on eBay, but would prefer to do business here. Send me a PM if you have a nice one to sell. In fact, I'll trade my A/C module for one (but it...
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    Hockey Stick Stripes w/ NO rocker paint?

    I'm thinking about changing my '73 Mach 1 stripes to hockey sticks since my car has a '71 front end. I've already committed to blacking out the hood like a Boss 351. I can't decide if hockey stick stripes would look good without the rocker panels painted black. What do you all think? Does...
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    Wanted: 3" +/- Fan Spacer w/ bolts

    I bought a fan and spacer for my Cleveland off eBay, but the seller didn't send me the spacer. :@ Of course, he won't answer emails either. So I'll try here... Does anyone have a fan spacer w/bolts they're willing to part with? 3" give or take. Thanks! Don
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    New guy with lots to learn!

    While this isn't my first classic Mustang, it's my first in almost 20 years. I'm trying to "finish" a '73 q-code Mach 1. It's a project for sure. The electrical systems are the most scary part of the project. Hopefully I'll be able to find someone to guide me. Anyway, I'll try to post a...