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    Horn fuse keeps blowing

    Hi Team.. Ever since completing my 73 build with original wiring my horn fuse kept blowing. Haven't worried about it until our Warrant of fitness check every 6 months where I replace it for the check. Horn goes fine until I discovered it only blows when I turn my headlights on. I know from the...
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    Speedo reading incorrect. How to find the correct speedo driven gear

    Hi team I have a 73 vert with a 351W and C4 transmission.  Put the car together and discovered that the speedo is reading 75mph when I am doing 100km (62mph) using a gps speed app on my phone. I discovered when adding an LSD to the 9 inch diff that the gearing wasnt the 2.79 as on the tag but...
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    Diff Ratio Question and LSD Ford 9inch

    Hi Team My 73 vert was originally a 302 coded car with a C4 and Axle 3 2.79:1 ratio The car when I bought it and imported it to NZ just over 2 years ago had a 351W C4 and what I believe to be a 28 spline 9inch diff. The previous US owner purchased the car 6 years earlier with this engine in...
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    Magnum 500 Stealth rims

    Hi team.  Has anyone put the all black version of the magnum 500 rims called the Stealth on their car.  My 73 vert is black and blacked out chrome so interested what they may look like. My current wheels are 16" mercury grand marquis rims that came with the car but I got powder coated black  
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    Kiwi passing through Houston looking for parts

    Greetings team. Have just arrived back to Miami from a cruise (needed a break after spending a year building the muzzy!) We are staying tonight in Houston and are flying out 9pm back to NZ Sunday so I have some time to pick up a few little parts I need for the 73 from John's Mustang parts but he...
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    Made it to Beach Hop New Zealand!

    Well team thanks to all the helpful advice (and parts) from you all here on the forum, I finally got the old girl back together and made the start line at beach hop.  Dont want to bore you all with heaps of photos so have just thrown in a few. My daughters were excited to join me on one of the...
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    Wheel arch trim question

    Team  A set of alloy corvex wheel opening mouldings were included with the parts that came with my car. The packets were nicely labelled FLH RLH etc but without thinking about it I sent them off for powder coating and they were just put back randomly in their packets by the powder coaters. Can...
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    sunvisor and weatherstip placement convertible windscreen

    Hi Team Could someone kindly post a photo of how their bracket for the sunvisors fit and also how the weatherstip goes on the windscreen of a convertible please.  I have the bare windscreen frame with the new windscreen in. I can see how the stainless sections go on in the front but not sure...
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    NZ Vert Rebuild

    Hi all  Thought I would thank everyone who has helped me with my project so far. Had no knowledge where everything went on my muzzy and especially wish to thank Don for answering a lot of my stupid questions.  The car is coming along and I am racing the clock to have her 90% finished and...
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    Is this for the window washer system

    Hi team. There is a small plastic fitting screwed just above the firewall. I’m not sure if it is for the window washer system or for a vacuum tube of some sort.  The car came with no washer bottle pump or lines or even nozzles. I’ve purchased the kits new but have no idea of the plumbing...
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    Correct fitting of sports mirrors on 73 vert

    Hi team.  My car came with two new sports mirrors to replace an old chrome one that was on the drivers side only. It has two small holes close together with a square cut out between them. As the sports mirror has holes further apart I'm not sure where to place the mirror.  Do I use the rear...
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    Fuel sender alignment

    Hi I have just fitted my new fuel sender inserting the tabs in the slots but even with s bit of grease on the locking ring it turned the sender clockwise a little bit. Is this alignment ok for the pickup and float to work correctly?
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    More unidentified parts

    Hi guys  Need help identifying these parts please. Came with car but in a box of parts. Doesn't appear to be my missing C4 linkage to gear lever or a kick down lever as it's way too long. Also this small thing with wheels. Is it from the window mechanism? I only have one if it is. Mmm. If the...
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    More unidentified parts

    Hi guys  Need help identifying these parts please. Came with car but in a box of parts. Doesn't appear to be my missing C4 linkage to gear lever or a kick down lever as it's way too long. Also this small thing with wheels. Is it from the window mechanism? I only have one if it is. Mmm. If the...
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    Is the metal shield necessary on front disc brakes

    I have replaced the old calipers on my car but when I took the old calipers off only one side had the metal shield thing attached to the caliper. (not the disc shield)  I am not sure what they actually do and if I need to buy a replacement one or can go without on both sides. Also I have been...
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    Roof ram keeps popping off lug

    Hi all I have just fitted the new pump and rams to my convertible however I think a bracket is possibly missing. Car was imported unfinished. Prev owner had roof frame powdercoated so I presumed all the bits were back on. I came to fit the new rams (supplied with the car) and there seems to...
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    Umm where do these go???

    Hi team  Hopefully you can assist identifying these under my dash please. I have just put the dash back in and have connected up all the plugs I had labelled but have a  few unidentified ones that were tucked behind the glove box and as they aren't labelled I wouldn't have unplugged them but...
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    Hooker competition headers issue

    Hi team I purchased some hooker competition headers (painted but not ceramic coated) from CJ Pony parts where their advertising says they are made to fit 66-73 mustangs 302/351W engines. I an a newbie so took this as gospel. They got shipped to NZ and I have had major issues bolting them to the...
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    Another noob dumb question re electrics

    So team as mentioned in previous posts I imported an unfinished project 73 vert. Am completely bumbling my way thru the rebuild.  The wiring looms on my car had just been cut and left unlabelled but I was lucky enough to find a donor 73 grande that had been sitting in a paddock for 12yrs and...
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    Hooker headers extra tube bit?

    Sorry for the dumb arse question but I purchased some 351W Hooker headers for my car and have just unboxed them to put exhaust wrap on them before installing when I noticed an extra tube bit on one of the headers. Not sure what it is for. My old rusty headers that came loose with the car parts...