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    72 Grande Coupe Project

    Alright.  The time has come.  Our 72 coupe is a major project and pile of parts.  Like just about everybody, I had the best of intentions when I drove this car into my shop and tore it apart.  But unlike many of you, it simply stalled and now just occupies space.  Because other priorities have...
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    2000 Mustang for sale

    Before we advertise the car locally, I thought I'd post it here to see if anyone may have interest or know of someone looking for a clean, economical, reliable Mustang. Our family has owned this 2000 coupe since new. It has 137k. Everything works as it should. It's a v6 auto. We added a GT...
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    Quick ? about Original Ram Air

    Were all original ram air units plastic? I recently saw an underhood unit in fiberglass and then saw an after market unit online also in fiberglass. Didn't think those were original. Thanks.
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    Head casting numbers

    Anybody recognize these head numbers? Supposedly on an early 70s non mustang cleveland block.
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    WTB - Trunk Lid - Coupe

    Looking for a coupe lid. Don't need a repro new in box - something that needs a little repair is fine. I thought mine would be alright to repair, but my wire wheel informed me otherwise today. Thanks.[/align]
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    Howdy little bro

    Spotted this '78 on the way back home from a Jeep ride today. Don't see many (any) around here, so I thought I'd share.
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    Bench Testing 3-gauge cluster

    I've got two 3-gauge clusters and need to bench test them. Does anybody know or have a resource for the proper resistance for each gauge so I can put a meter on them to determine their condition? Thanks.
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    Wish I could stack 'em like this...

    I was trolling Meacum's site for the January Kissimmee auction and came across this photo. The Mach is nice, but stacking them up in the garage that's just showing off. I should be so lucky. ...or maybe that's Don's garage?
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    Lip Spoiler on Coupe

    So we want a rear spoiler on the coupe. I think a lip spoiler may be more suited to the coupe body style, so I borrowed the rear lip spoiler from a friend's 69 RS/SS camaro now under restoration, and the fit is surprisingly good. With a few tweaks, I think it may work. (Of course I don't...
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    73 Doors

    I have picked what I need from my 73 donor's doors and am ready to get them out of the shop. They've got good glass, regulators and such. Rust at the bottom would make them tough to save as a set, but the interior metal is good. Let me know if you may need a particular angle or bend for your...
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    Mini Console

    Cleaning up today and unearthed this mini console. It's in good shape with no cracks, and includes the ash tray. $30 plus actual shipping costs. Shoot me a PM if you'd like it. Thanks.
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    71 FB on CL - Florida

    Not mine, but here's one that might be worth a look for folks near the south.
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    Removing Door Glass

    To remove the glass from the I need to drill out the rivets on the bracket that attaches the glass to the guidebar, or is there some puzzle-like trick that I'm missing to remove the glass from the door with the bracket still attached? Thanks. Mark
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    Plug or Patch?

    Do you have a rule of thumb you use when deciding whether to plug pinholes with the MIG or cut a patch panel? I've got a few (:P) clusters of these holes that I could pop pretty quickly with the MIG, then grind. But in some cases, the cluster of pinholes can measure a few inches wide. Not to...
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    Roughed in Floor Pans Today

    Roughed in the floor pans today. There was a bit more percussive influence required than I expected in getting them to seat properly, but a hammer and wood block helped adjust a few areas. They're just tacked in with Teks screws until I make sure everything fits the way I want, then we'll...
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    Off to Media Blasting

    Not much to many, but it's a big deal to me that we finally got the 72 off to the media blaster today. I'm so eager to start welding instead of drilling out welds, grinding, wheeling and sweeping up after her. in the garage on Wednesday. Mark
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    Opinions on 3sp toploader?

    Planning a manual swap for our 351w and was headed toward a T5, since they're plentiful, inexpensive and we're not planning to push a whole lot of power. I might have a shot at an original 3speed tranny tomorrow for a really good price, but I'd hate to make a mistake, since I"m not that...
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    68 Coupe Held Hostage

    Breezing through Craigs's, as I do each morning, I found this hostage negotiation on a 68 coupe. The "sawzall" comment sounds more like a threat than a plan. Thought I'd post in case anybody in the region is up for an intervention/hostage negotiation...
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    Need a Good Cowl Hat Pic

    I returned the heater box to the firewall yesterday to begin mocking up the lower cowl repair I need. The lower area rotted away enough that I'm not clear on how the box seals to the lower cowl and how the hat should look. :huh: I've got a pic here of the box, as viewed through the lower cowl...
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    Hi-res photo of 72 Mach in Yellow Gold

    Looking for a high-resolution photo of a 72 Mach in Yellow Gold with Magnum wheels. If anybody here has a car finished this way and would care to send a quality pic to my email, I'd appreciate it. Please PM me if you do. Thanks. Mark