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    Aussie Heads for 351C $300 OBO

    Selling 351C Aussie heads that I picked up. They are ready for roller rockers to be thrown on and go. Have head gasket and ARP bolts to go along with. Asking 300 OBO. Need gone ASAP Zach 619-376-9808
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    [TODAY ONLY]FMX Trans, 69 Rear End 4 Bolt, 4 Centerline 4 bolt rims $50

    [TODAY ONLY]FMX Trans, 69 Rear End 4 Bolt, 4 Centerline 4 bolt rims $50 OBO Want gone! Send offers San Diego/Oceanside CA Trans shifts. Need shift bushing. I have them so they are yours. Rearend was good when I test drove the car before I pulled the engine out and bought it. Rims and a bit...
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    Head question. Need expert!!!! LOL

    These look to me to have been milled down for roller rockers. I tried the stock rockers from my 351M Heads and they dont fit and screws are to small. How do you tell if what rockers to put? And Pushrod length? Ignore the springs with spots on them. I will replace everything once I know what to get.
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    Best way to remove grease and oil?

    Okay so I need a reliable method for removing oil and grease from parts. Mainly most of the parts can be soaked. Bolts, Rods, know. I have tried soaking them in dawn, Purple Power, Degreaser, Windex lol Whats a good product that will allow me to soak them for a few hours to hot...
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    Met with Mike (mach71351c)

    Well, He bought my 72 Coupe from me after we agreed on a deal. Then just this weekend we tore it up. Removed the engine, trans, fenders, bumper, hood, grill and the works. Tore down my engine a little. Removed the pumps and pulleys. Had a hell of a time with a few bolts on the heads. and I...
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    $500 Bucks later

    $500 Bucks later and I am 2 Freshly built Aussie 3V heads, EdelBrock Intake, and flat tappets. Including ARP bolts and gasket set. Valve covers. All that good stuff. Post pictures soon These ones I picked up are actually 2v Closed Camber heads. Bolt onto any US Cleveland block. Here's a page...
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    429 Super cobra Jet CL Possible? And more

    He is a older gentlemen who is in bad health. Cancer. Trying to sell off all this as he is no longer able to do stuff with it and not able to be responsible of it all. Want 700 for the 429 SCJ. I haven't verified that its truly a SCJ but he is about a hour drive from me. So if anyone is...
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    SOLD 1972 Mustang Coupe Without 351C

    Update I will sell it with or without the engine.Give me your offers. I need it gone. Well I am selling the 72 Coupe I bought and realized the roof was far gone. More then what was first thought. For panels I would say it needs new floor pans. Either trunk pan or a repair. And the roof repaired...
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    429 Super cobra Jet CL 429 super cobra jet factory manifold asking 1000 obo 429 super cobra short block asking 1000 obo ( have no heads) No clue what they are worth I just thought of posting this. Seems high.
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    351C Engine knock :(

    Turned on my 72 this morning as I was going to take it for the monthly drive to make sure all was good. Turned it on and a knock was there. A tapping I guess. A revved it up a little bit to hear a 2 loud thuds. That that point I let off the gas and shut her down. I removed both valve covers to...
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    Auto to T-5 Swap Article

    Not sure where to post this but I thought it was a good article for anyone going to swap from a auto to a manual. I am going to use this when I do it. Going from a FMX to a T-5 soon. And reading over this gives a good idea of whats required. Sorry if this is the wrong section...
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    Just picked up 69 Mustang

    I just got this from the owner of Mustang Parts Direct up in Upland CA Gave me a decent price on it. Oh yea no engine :( But I got a 351C to drop in once I get a manual transmission. The auto FMX I have wont fit :( Pro, 90% rust free. One section of the floor pan needs replaced. The rest is...
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    Auto for a Manual? T5, or anything?

    I got a automatic tranny. I believe FMX But I can verify if anyone is interested. Looking for a 4 speed. T5 or Any Manual tranny that will bolt to the 351C
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    Engine swap question

    How much hassle is it to swap a 302 with a 351C?
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    CL 73 Coupe Guy needs it gone asap

    Found this on CL Up in LA area. I called and talked to him. Needs it gone asap. Asked what he wanted for it. Said 1500 bucks. I am sure you could get it for less. He didn't seem to know to much on it though. Maybe I talked to the wrong...
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    Anyone in Oceanside / San Diego area can do a favor for me?

    Well if you have read any of my posts you know I need a roof. I found one out in Palm Desert area problem is they are open only suing the week. And I can't convince them to meet me on a Saturday to sell it to me. I need it desperately lol if someone is out in this area I got the cash for it just...
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    [Help]Carb tuning Autolite 2100

    Alright since I can't just go out and buy every tool in the world. Whats the best way to tune the carb without spending lots of money. I heard of just using a vacuum gauge on it would work. But I want advice from a forum I can trust. Now I believe she is running rich. Has a smell on idle not to...
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    Is a 72 Grande have Sam w roof as 72 coupe?

    I am pretty sure it is but just to be sure I found a great roof off a 72 grande here it's 650 and only a hour away
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    Hey!! Looks like a awesome forum

    Came across this forum buy searching for parts for my project. Anyways I am a US Marine out in California and bought a 72 Mustang that had originally 302 v2 but the previous owner had a 351C v2 Put in to it. Needs plenty of work. Hoping to finish it in 2 years or so since I only get weekends to...
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    72 Coupe Roof section, Radiator Support, Steering Wheel

    I am looking for a Roof section, radiator support and steering wheel all in good decent condition. The roof I am trying to repair is in pictures below just to show you what I am working with. And underneath the bondo and fiberglass is just rusted holes I am on a budget. Just a US Marine doing...