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    Hello, I am about to start putting my 1973 Mach 1 engine, a 460 with CJ Alum Heads and I would like to find a decent price on a set of Ceramic Coated Long tube headers for it. If anyone has a set and wants to sell or trade them, please give me a call. Thanks, Mike. 704-516-8033
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    Street Strip Windsor Engine

    I have a 377 inch Windsor Stroker Engine for sale. Never drove it in a car but have about 10 hours or so of starting it now and then over a period of time. I hope the video I took will post on here. If not I can email it I think. Contact me with any questions. Thanks, Mike. Well the site will...
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    Lots of Performance Engine Parts

    I have been Building Performance Engines for over 46 years and have been Buying Performance Engines and Parts for over 46 years. Now it is time to sell off some of those parts and dial in on the ones I want to build for myself. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you might want. The...
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    New Member Here

    Hello 71-73 Mustang Members. I just joined this site a couple of days ago and really am excited to find a site for the bigger Mustangs. Just a little about me, I will be 62 on June 20. I have been building Muscle Car Engines, Ford, Chevy, and others for about 46 years. My first being an awesome...