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    Keep it original?

    So I have this 73 Grande with 23k original miles, and as many of you know, these are 351c engines are turds with all the smog restrictions in place (California car). As a project, I've been tempted to pull the heads to have a machine shop install hardened valve seats. Of course, that would be a...
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    A/C Compressor Removal

    Due to a heater core leak, I was forced to disconnect the A/C lines going to the heater box. I figured this would be a good time to get the A/C back in working order. I ordered all new hoses, and other parts needed to retrofit the system to R134. Keep in mind i'm going for originality with this...
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    New Grande Pics

    Finally got around to getting some pics of my 73 Grande while it was out of the garage. There are a few things left to take care of, but soon she'll have working air, and fully road worthy!
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    Timing adjustment

    I went to check the timing on my 73 Grande after installing a Pertronix ignition module, and noticed the timing was way off (30+ degrees advanced). I retarded the timing to 8 BTDC, and the car ran like crap. When I went to restart it, the engine backfired into the exhaust so i know the timing...
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    EGR Spacer gave up the ghost...

    Good Morning, A few years back I inherited a 73 Mustang Grande in near showroom condition with 23k miles on the clock. A few weeks ago I set out to get it road worthy (it still had the 40 year old Good Year tires on it), tune it up, fresh gas, ect, ect. Its always been fired up every couple of...