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    Battery Hold Down

    :thankyouyellow: I need a battery hold down for my 72 vert that is restorable.
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    Solved or not 72 351 Qcode air cleaner decal

    Well, I ordered an air cleaner decal for my chrome air cleaner on my 1972 Mustang 351 C 4V the other day from vintage graphics. The size is too small for my factory large air cleaner, the radius was too tight and the width was off by about 1/4" the length was short by 1" on each end. Seems like...
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    351C 4V valve covers WTB

    (closed)I need a restorable set of factory valve covers to go on my 1972 351 Q code Mustang. I plan on restoring a set and then installing them later after a good cure cycle on the paint. Mine are in good shape but I would like to have a set ready to go and then change them out. Shipping quote...
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    351C Valve Covers Wanted

    I am looking for a set of used 351V valve covers that I can restore to change mine out without downtime waiting for the paint to dry hahahah. I am in SW Florida 33971 zip code for shipping quote. My car is a Q code 1972 351C 4V :thankyouyellow: Thanks Rodney
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    Engine Code Decal

    Guys I am trying to find the right codes for my valve cover drivers side engine code decal. I ordered one from ebay and found out it was California emissions and air conditioned car. My car is a 1972 351C 48 states car with no AC and a 4sp tranny. I found one on fordification site for 1973...
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    Replacement fuel line

    I will be purchasing a fuel line tomorrow to go from pump to 4150 Holley. I will be getting a 5/16 line that I can hand form. Anyone done this and remember what length and fitting size I need to purchase. I can take off my old line if necessary but I am sure someone knows what fitting goes...
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    Air Gap Install

    Well I am not very good on the fab side of things and I was hoping someone else had had the same problems and can help a little. I installed a new Air Gap intake on my 1972 351C and bolted up the throttle cable this morning and it looks like it is 2" to long at idle and 4" too long at WOT. In...
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    351C Engine on CL

    Not my engine but thought I would pass it on just in case anyone needs one. 351 Cleveland 1972 engine block for your mucle car or for drag racing. Hard to find a standard bore 351 Cleveland block, ready to be machined and built. 1970 to 1974. This is not a Windsor or a 351M block, Clevelands...
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    Air Gap Carb Gasket

    Hey can I use a 4hole gasket to install my Holley 4150 on my Air Gap intake? It looks like it is not a solid base just a little short runner on the center of the intake. I do have one of the 1/8" thick 4 hole carb base gasket to help control heat, but after looking at it it may not work. What...
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    Steering wheel cover

    Has anyone purchased and installed a leather steering wheel wrap sew on? I have looked at a few on eBay any how do you know which one will fit? Looks like most are very wide for the modern cars.
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    Low option car power steering, drum brakes, no A/C, AM radio, 351 Q code, 4 sp, 3:50 gears with traction lock.
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    Intake Swap

    Hey guys I will be installing a new air gap intake in a few days and I am a little worried about broken bolts on my original intake Q code 3514V engine. The intake has never been off since new. Any tips, advise on the changeover would be great. The Airgap intake will be topped off with a 650 DP...
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    Holley 650 DP

    I just purchased a rebuilt Holley DP with manual secondaries and I would like to install it with an air gap dual plane intake not purchased yet. I am looking for advise to use existing throttle cable if possible on my stock 351 Q code 4 V with a 4 sp tranny. Any other tips would be great"......
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    Mach 1 @ Moltrie Swap Meet

    I went to the swap meet at Moltrie Ga this weekend and the only 71-73 was this one.
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    Port Charlotte All Mustang Show

    Any one going to the all Mustang show tomorrow?
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    Carb and intake 4v 351c

    I am leaning toward a new purchase of a quick fuel 650 with mechnicial secondary. I am also thinking of an intake change since the carb is not a direct fit on my original intake. Has anyone used this combo on a 4v 351c with a 4speed? Any input or comments would be great. Also open to other...
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    Zephyrhills Swap Meet

    Has anyone set up as a Vendor at Zephyrhills Fl Swap Meet? This will be my first time an I need some insider tips about best place to set up, rules, what sells, best time to arrive, what gate to go to as a vendor. Any helpful advice would be great.
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    Top ridge insert

    I have a weird question. My convertible top rear ridge rubber insert seems to be walking toward the passenger side of top (see pics). Can this be corrected easily? Rubber insert is very hard and I am afraid it may be brittle due to age. Any ideas how to correct this problem without damaging...
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    South Carolina car friendly

    I am thinking of retiring next year and we are thinking of rural South Carolina. I have lived in North Carolina before and I remember that they are not old car friendly but I need to know are they hard asses about old cars in South Carolina. Also if anyone can help a fellow car guy out be...
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    Responsive Carb Ideas

    Guys I have a near stock 351 Q code 1972 mustang with a 4 sp. I took it for a 2 hour ride last Sunday and all systems worked well except carb. I have a 3:50 traction lock and my car is sluggish off the line and my secondary butterfly's are not opening. So my 4v is running on two barrels. I...