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    Vintage 71/72 Mustang toy

    While I am not really into toys other than the ones I can actually drive I thought this was pretty cool. Saw it at the LaChute Flea Market in Quebec. Didn't purchase but figured it was worth taking a pic for the forum.
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    Pair of Sprint hubcaps in good used condition

    Two 1972 Sprint hubcaps, good used condition $65 CAD / $50USD plus shipping. Blue painted outline still in very good condition, some small indentations, and scratches. One cap has some scuffing in small areas on the face but only visible within 18 inches. Message me for offers, more photos...
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    351C Cufflinks

    A few years ago, I read in Mustangs and Fords magazine about a memorabilia collector that had in his collection a pair of cufflinks in the shape of a 351C 4V. They even have have 351C 4V embossed on the air cleaner assembly. I've been looking for some ever since. While she doesn't really...
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    Question about 1971 engine codes

    A nice looking (on the outside and interior) M code 1971 Mach 1 with 4 speed and 3.25 Trac-loc is coming up for sale in a farm auction soon. It is advertised as having only around 14 000 miles. Unfortunately, the car looks like there is a lot more rust on floors, frame and torque boxes than...
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    Photo shoot of 1973 Mustang Convertible

    Things have been busy but recently spent some time on the site again and noticed this thread so thought I'd post. The pics already posted look great so congrats to those owners on the quality of their cars. This shot of my convertible was taken last fall by a co-worker's son. He used the...
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    73 Aluminum slot wheels lug damage

    Hey everyone, Haven't posted for a while but thought it was time to start again. I found these 73 aluminum slot wheels on kijiji and picked them up last weekend. I already have the originals on my Mustang but thought I could use them on my Galaxie until I find some Torq Thrust Ds. They need a...
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    Mechanical or electric aftermarket gauges?

    I did a search thinking someone has likely asked this before but didn't see any questions on gauges this specific. My factory gauge pack indicates that the engine is running cool all the time. I've been thinking of installing a set of Stewart-Warner oil and temp gauges under the dash to get a...
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    '71 429 engine on Kijiji

    I was checking kijiji again for parts and saw this ad. The seller indicates that it came from a 71 Mustang. If that is accurate, it is too bad the whole car wasn't saved. I guess it was too rough so the engine was pulled. Anyway, here is the link...
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    Kijiji find for Sprint owners?

    Not my ad but saw these hub caps and beauty rings on Kijiji in Ontario. Not sure but thought I've seen the blue outline dog dish hubcaps on '72 Sprint cars. I assume they must be a relatively tough to find item and $50 seems reasonable, so thought I'd pass along the web address for the ad to...
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    Last drive of the year?

    I had my car off the road for a while installing some new parts and a repro stereo. It was Thanksgiving here so I finally got a chance to drive it a bit again yesterday but I think by the feel of the temperature and the weather during the rest of the weekend it is pretty much time put it away...
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    Anyone have a pic of under hood light mounting?

    Could anyone supply a picture of the area to mount the under-hood courtesy light? I'm trying to track down a dead short and found what I assume is the lamp assembly hanging behind the engine taped to some other stuff. I'm hoping I can track down the short that has started blowing the 14A fuse...
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    Junkyard cars

    I was out hunting for parts and found these 71/72 coupes and a very sad looking Galaxie convertible so I thought I'd post some pics. The convertible and the one coupe would make us all feel better about our cars we are working on! On the other hand, there are three pretty decent looking...
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    Power Seat releases

    Like Monterey and DanC, I am also tracking down wiring problems. In order to get more of the interior and exterior lights working I used a Dremel tool to clean connections and replaced fuses and bulbs. In so doing I got the power seat releases to work on my car. They worked well for a while...
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    Can anyone supply a pic and dimensions of a stock intake breather for a 1973 351C 4V?

    Judging by the evidence under the hood a previous owner had put a ramair assembly on my car. However, I assume it has been stripped off and sold at some point before I got the car. Long story short, the breather assembly that came on the car appears to be from a mid 70's Torino or Cougar and...
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    Barrie Ontario Automotive Swap Meet

    So I'll try this as a new thread. I asked this in a reply to a new member posting but thought this would be a better place. Is anyone going to the Barrie Automotive Swap Meet June 7-10? It isn't on the same weekend as the Carlisle Ford Show this year so it might be a chance for site members to...
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    Unusual paint combos

    I remember a post about... let's call it "unusual paint choices" from back in the day when some of you bought your cars. While I can't find that post I did find this photo in the basement while cleaning up to start a reno. It was taken the day I bought the car, my first Mustang, around 1985...
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    Mustang based drag car article from 1971

    Found this 1971 Hot Rod magazine in an Antique store on the weekend. Bought it 'cause of the picture on the cover. So looks like 71 Mustangs were pretty popular basis for drag cars back in the day. I found 3 references to these cars as drag racers including Cha Cha Muldowney at NHRA Nationals...
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    Seat belt attachment hardware

    I know if I really am going for safety I should replace the belts with a shoulder system and will do that before my kids start driving this car but right now I just want to get it back on the road as safe as possible. So stripping the interior was an after thought so it happened at the body...
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    Good pick at small town swap meet.

    Not a huge score but I needed a headlight retainer ring for my convertible and thought it was pretty cool to find one for $2 still in the Motorcraft envelope at a small town parts swap and car show! Any other good finds out there lately?
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    Underside of hood paint color

    I used a paint brush, varsol and scrub-pads to remove undercoating from the underside of my hood (thanks to those of you who responded with ideas in not2old's post about undercoat removal). I don't know how many repaints have happened to this area but while sanding it seems as though in some...