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  1. J

    Grant horn button popping off

    I have the Grant three-spoke wood-rimmed steering wheel with the horn button that fits over the orangish plate. The button has a spring which tension keeps the orange plate off the contact plate and thus keeps the horn from blowing. Well, the damn horn button keeps popping off. Any tricks on...
  2. J

    Facebook banner

    So the guy that runs Space City Classic Mustang called mom today and told her that they wanted to use her car as the banner car for their Facebook page this month! The photo was taken last month at her first show by Wayne Brumley who did a great job. We're all very proud and honored that the...
  3. J

    73 Convertible/Coupe hood

    73 Mustang Hood I have this on eBay for $100. members get it for 2 cases of Corona. Pickup only, come on by and grab it so I can get my 1+ patch!
  4. J

    Small Console/Chrome LH mirror

    This is from eBay, was on the car less than 200 miles. I put the sport mirrors on and don't need this anymore.... This came with the car, but I've bought the longer console. Looks original to me, but I truly have no idea. Has a few burn scars (electrical? smoker? pyromaniac?). Functional...
  5. J

    Stereo upgrade

    Up next on the chalkboard is stereo. I have been looking hard at the Custom Autosound Slidebar. I just listen to music off my phone these days and don't really need Bluetooth in a...
  6. J

    Also from Texas

    Hey guys, been stalking for awhile, finally signed up. Here's the short story... My mom moved her family to Texas in the early 80's with a 4 year old boy, a husband, and a 73 Fastback. They had to sell it to pay bills, but whenever she saw an old Mustang, she would go on and on about this...