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    Meet up

    Got to meet sicndhead and the misses today. We spent some time getting rained on looking at a couple overpriced MACH 1's, and had a steak at the local sizzlin. What a great couple, glad to have members like them on the forum. Time sure flies when you're having fun though. BTW thanks for the...
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    Not a bad Q code

    This one is about 5 miles from me if someone want me to check it out. This guy has sold a lot of nice classic cars.
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    Not too bad But if it's completely restored, this must be an old pic?
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    Happy Fathers Day

    Hope all you dad's out there have a great fathers day
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    Musicians badge award

    Anyone who plays a musical instrument who wants a musician note award, PM me and I will be happy to give you one.
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    Needs saved
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    Nice rack

    Yeah I made you that I have your attention, has anyone tried to use a rack & pinion setup out of a newer car? I can get my hands on an 89 mustang and was thinking about fitting the rack under my 71. I have not measured anything yet...just thought I would skim it across you guys first.
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    Thought this was useful

    Don't know if this has been posted before but here it is anyway
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    Why did you do it?

    That it is the question everyone asks Marvin about his car, to which he replies "because I can". Now for the real story... I will turn back the clock to WWII Germany when a German Jew escapes the wrath of Hitler, defecting to the US and winds up in Iowa. There he marries, and has several...
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    Different stripe

    Kind of a suspicious add if you ask me
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    someone should save this one

    Has some rust but I sure do like it
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    this one is close to me
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    one more and I'll quit

    This guy has several listings, all of which are just as amusing
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    Only $700 rofl
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    This was funny to me

    WOW! a 71 with a 460, 350 ram air induction, FRAME OFF restoration, and only needs 1500 in body work...really now? This car really is unbelievable
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    Any cyclists on here?

    My daughters have been riding bikes for a while now and have been wanting me to join them (for health improvement) but I have not been on a bike for 31 years. Friday I finally caved and bought a CL special, did a tune up on it, and rode a 6 mile trail through the woods today...DAMN I'M OUT OF...
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    Support extension

    Does anyone have a pic of a 71 MACH I grill support extension that bolt to the latch support?
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    Not a bad deal

    I see a lot of cars with painted fender extensions, and chrome hood trim?
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    AR craigslist

    This one is real close to me but I think overpriced.
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    interesting cobra II