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    Wanted: One front black seat belt retractor for a 73

    Helping a friend get their car together and we've discovered the passengers seat belt retractor is from a 71-72 and wont click into the 73 buckle.  So looking for one please with the cover.  Mike
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    Front Black Seat Belts

    Looking for a set of front black seatbelts to fit a 73 Mach 1.  My retractors are ok but the inner buckles are mismatched and the passengers side is completely broken.  Sleeves are toast too.  Please let me know what you have.
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    4-Speed Manual Transmission Pedals and Z-Bar

    Selling a 4-speed pedal assembly and z-bar with accessories.  All in very good usable condition.  This would put you well on your way towards a manual transmission conversion.   All of these parts were cleaned and de-rusted by soaking in Evaporust.  The Z-bar had elongated rod holes (typical)...
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    Midlife in the news. A neat read about a forum member.
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    Race Day at the Gasser Drags

    Spent last Saturday at my local track participating in their Gasser Drag event.  All cars pre 1974.  Fantastic day.  Lots of eye candy.  My car is no race car by a long shot but for the sake of the venue, my friends asked me to participate and support the track.  I was the only car there on...
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    Interior Upgrade

    The big 5" monster tach, aftermarket gauges and radio had done their time and for years I've been wanting to convert my dash parts to a more factory original feel.  I had been amassing the bezels and parts over the past two years or so and I finally got everything together and working.  I had...
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    4-Speed Conversion Parts

    I have a few parts that I rescued that are used for converting one of our cars to a 4-speed. I came across a guy who parted a 71 fastback about 10 years ago and had these parts lying in a pile in the back of a bread van used for storage. Pedal on the floor in one trailer. Z-bar in a 5-gallon...
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    Website link.

    I figured I'd throw this up there.
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    Holley 750 VS

    I am selling the Holley 750 vacuum secondary carburetor that I pulled off of my old engine not even a year ago. There was honestly nothing wrong with it, but on my new engine I had made a good many performance changes and I installed a brand new Pro Systems double pumper onto it to better match...
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    Dyno'd the new engine today

    This morning I went to participate with the rest of our mustang club at a dyno day they held with the Mach 1. Was $50 for three pulls. I was curious to see how the new engine stacked up to my expectations. I was 1st in line and glad. Done quick. The car did really well. Even the operator...
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    351c Ram-Air air cleaner base

    I am selling an Original Ram-Air air cleaner base. I removed it from my 1973 Mach 1 because my new engine combo was taller and I decided to modify an aftermarket Dynacorn air cleaner than cut up an original. I do not ever see myself returning my car to anything other than it's current...
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    Ram-Air air cleaner modification

    Even before getting my new engine all done and running, I had suspicions that my original ram-air air cleaner might not fit under the hood. Primarily because of the differences between my then 2v Weiand X-cellerator and now 4v Blue Thunder intake manifold. I wouldn't know for sure until after...
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    Got me an old Sun Distributor Tester

    I have wanted one of these for years. I finally had some extra money to do something with so I decided to hunt around and find one. I must say it is pretty ingenious how it works. It is pretty much 99% made of metal and very well built at that. For being 65 years old and well worn...
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    Map Light I.D.

    I have been holding onto this mint map light for almost 15 years hoping to one day use it in my car when the time comes. Well that time is drawing near and I pulled it out of storage to trial fit it into my new 3-gauge center bezel. Well, low and behold it is too big to fit! I did a hour or...
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    Dynacorn 71-73 Ram Air air cleaner assembly

    With my new engine combination I needed some more clearance for my air cleaner because of the taller Blue Thunder intake manifold.  I was not about to cut up my original air cleaner so I purchased this Dynacorn replica to do the cutting on.  I figured with some work I could pass it off as...
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    406 Cleveland Shortblock

    A friend of mine has been wanting do build a different engine for his fox mustang. He decided he wanted to go the Cleveland route and started picking my brain about a combo. After him getting a nice core engine off of Craigslist, we pulled it down to the virgin shortblock and pretty much only...
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    351c shortblock, intake manifold, exhaust tips, driveshaft

    I'm in the middle of my engine swap and am selling parts off of my old engine parts. Nothing wrong with them. Just making room for the new powerplant. Hydraulic roller cam and retrofit kit: SOLD Headers: SOLD Valve Covers: SOLD Roller Rockers: SOLD Intake Manifold: Weiand X-Cellerator...
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    Started the engine swap

    I started swapping the 351c in my 73 today for a fresh 351c that I have been building over the past year. Hoping this new engine will have approx 100 more hp at the rear wheels vs the old engine. It's late so I'll just leave you with the pictures. More text to follow.
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    351c Coil Bracket

    I'm trying to duplicate a BOSS 351 style engine compartment. I just bought a new coil bracket off of eBay. A coil bracket is a coil bracket, right? Well after trying to fit it, I discovered that Ford did some weird stuff back in the day. The beveled cut-out is on the wrong side of the...
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    Exhaust tips and valve cover oil drippers

    Thought I would give someone here a chance at these before I go through the trouble to put them on eBay. A nice pair of exhaust tips. Good chrome, a rub mark or two and some rust starting around the clamp fingers but nothing serious. These were on my car since 1998. I only removed them...