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    1971 1972 1973 Mustang fastback wind down quarter window conversion

    1971 to 1973 fastbacks didn't come out with wind down quarter windows - the only way you could go pillarless was to order the electric window option. However all the holes and mounting points are pressed into the inner rear quarter side wall to allow the winding mechanism from a '71-'73 coupe to...
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    AWOL tutorials

    Where did the tutorials in "Aesthetics, Interior and Exterior" go to ?
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    Side marker light socket - twist or yank to extract??

    One of my front side maker globes has packed it in for the first time since owning the car. Not sure if the socket is a twist out type or just a direct pull-out type. I've tried both methods but the little mongrel won't pop out, frozen in by time and entropy I guess. But I didn't put too much...
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    What the hell did I do?

    Well I drove home tonight, lights and flashers working fine. Before going inside I thought I might check if the rear lights were functioning properly. Everything was working properly, but I noticed on the far left that a portion of my "plasma" LED tail light globe was a little flaky. So I ran...
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    BOSS 351 - Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 292

    Ok, technically this should go under the video section of the forum, but it's more likely to be seen up here in the71-72 Mustang Talk section. A factory fresh Boss 351 with only 829 miles on the clock!
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    Car Culture in the Australian workplace (links fixed)

    Every year for the past 5 years or so, on the break-up day preceding the Christmas close-down period, my workplace hosts a car show for employees to showcase their cars. Out of about 250 employees that work there, we manage to scrape up a fairly good proportional quantity of eclectic...
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    Mmmm...not a fan of the new fixed top menu....

    With all respects to the good people who run and maintain this forum, I'm not really a fan of the recent change where the top menu stays at the top of the screen (where I've scribbled in red) and won't scroll out of the way. On my monitor I've lost 2 inches of forum viewing space at the top...
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    Mach 1 Mustangs are not for overparking

    New Zealand newspaper article from 1973
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    Missing photo's in older thread

    Checked my quarter window tutorial in the aesthetics tutorial section and all of the linked photo's are missing after the upgrade. Do I need to edit and add them back in?
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    Did I just fry my alternator??

    Had to jump start one of my daily driver cars (1999 Falcon Ute, battery dead flat) so that I could get the Mustang out for a drive. So I ran the jumper leads from my Mustang, while it was running, to my Falcon. Well the Falcon wouldn't turn over at all, just various clicking noises and such, so...
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    Do fuel gauges fail in this manner?

    Well I noticed the other week that after filling my car up with fuel that the gauge was only showing 1/3 full. Thinking that the tank sender has gone kaput I dragged out a brand new sender that I bought a while ago for contingency stock and plugged it in and moved the sender arm to it;s...
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    71/72 model makes cover of prestigious publication...., ok, maybe I was a bit loose with the word prestigious ..... :chin:
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    Bloke makes Gone in 60 Seconds model diorama

    . . . Story here: Original film image for comparison:
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    Plasma LED rear tail light replacements

    A bloke on the Aussie Mustang forum bought to my attention that West Coast Cougar sell plasma LED rear brake globes, and reported them to be an excellent replacement for the standard incandescents. Well I got mine yesterday and installed them today and I am very happy with the results and...
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    Oh the Humanity

    Oh dear.....please everyone, carry a fire extinguisher in your car.... :( :( :( :(
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    Kangaroo Flat

    "Kangaroo Flat" is the name of a suburb of the city that I live in (I drive past this same sign every weekend in my Mustang). I don't want to in any way celebrate the violent death of an innocent wayward marsupial :( , nor the poor unfortunate sod that's probably got a busted-up front end in...
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    Ford Times, feb. 1972

    I bought this little 64 page booklet a few years ago off ebay. Put out by Ford it has travel related stories in it with also some Ford advertising. I thought other 7173'ers might like to see the 1972 advertising story it contains:
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    Flatback72's Glamor? shot

    Well if you mean by glamor shot a picture taken on the side of the road with a cheap mobile phone camera, I kinda like this one I took of my rocket near Clunes, Victoria (Australia)
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    1971 - 1973 kph speedo decals now available

    Posting this for the interest of anybody living in a metricated country (Aus, Europe etc.) who has a MPH speedo but would like to convert it to KPH. Stumbled across this item whilst ebaying - a kph decal kit for $59AUD. Looks like you have to cut your own holes though for the oddometer and...
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    The Dukes have found a new way to throw Roscoe off the trail... changing vee-hickles without having to even exit the car :cool: I'd posted the shopped image on the forum a long time ago, but only just noticed the cool transition effect a few minutes ago while I was flipping through the pics in my computers photo viewer. So I made a gif image (my...