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    Seats, spoiler, transmission, etc for sale or trade.

    Got to get rid of a bunch of stuff I am not gonna use on my car to make room in the garage and partially fund other stuff on the car. 1. White front seats. Pretty bad condition now but maybe someone can use them for parts or use the seat tracks. I'm going aftermarket so don't need the seats...
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    Taillight blackout panel- Not honeycomb?

    When I got my car years ago it came with a taillamp panel that isn't the honeycomb one that seems to be the only kind I've seen. The actual sheet metal on the car was replaced from another car and had no holes drilled to mount it up (I did it later) so I don't know if the blackout piece is...
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    Anybody in Colorado Springs?

    I didn't think to ask before I came out here. I'm here to visit my 4 year old daughter. If anybody would like to meet up ill be here until the 13th. I'd love to see some more of yalls cars.
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    1972 Sportsroof build

    Well I figured I would start up a little blog here to keep up with my progress on the car. Right now it is still in the tear down phase, started about a week ago. The car looks mostly solid. Some small/anticipated repairs needed in the cowl area, some pinholes in the floor, and a semi...
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    Home from Afghanistan.

    I haven't really been on in a few weeks, but just thought I'd let everyone know I made it back to the states a few days ago. Every soldier that I left with came home safe. Haven't done anything with the '72 yet, except for charge the battery and pull it out of my back yard. I move into my new...
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    My marti report.

    I don't plan on returning this car to stock, but I thought it would be fun to see how it came from the factory. I'm glad to see I actually have everything the car came with, except the white vinyl roof! I had no idea it came with that. I ordered the elite report so I will get the rest of it...
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    My first garage!

    As I type this, my wife is putting down the deposit for a house. I have never had a garage before, it is a pretty big deal for me. Always wanted my own space to be able to work on my car, and not worry about leaving it outside...
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    Racing Junk Find Found a seemingly decent car for $2600. Just thought I'd share. :)
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    Rare Intake Manifold Wanted

    While I'm here in Afghanistan I am going to start shopping for parts for the '72, being as when I get back I am moving to a house with a garage, I can actually start to tear the car apart. I figure I will start looking for the rarest parts first. I'm looking for a Bud Moore Maxi Plenum intake...
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    Leaving in less than 10 days.

    Alright guys I haven't been posting much the last few months due to us getting ready to deploy, and this will probably be the last time I post anything for a while. Hope everyone on the forum has been doing well. I leave in less than 10 days, going to be gone for 9 months. On a side note, I...
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    '71 Resto. Documented on youtube.

    Found a series of videos following a restoration of a '71 fastback on youtube.
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    My classic car.

    Found this a minute ago. [video=youtube]
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    Working the waterbox.

    Just a little video of a few of the cars at test and tune today. I'm actually a big fan of the little red Mazda, they have been bringing it back week after week trying to get that little thing dialed in. It has a rotary engine, revs to 10,000 rpm. The fastest car today was the red mustang with...
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    Eleanor Dispute I found this blog about the court battle between Shelby and the original Eleanor's owner. Thought it was interesting.
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    Drag Racing Job

    So my local drag strip just posted on facebook that they are accepting applications for all postions, since the new season is about to start. So I've decided that I'm going to call them and tell them that I will work for free on weekends, as long as I get free admission on those days (test and...
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    Found this one for sale.

    I was searching for some pics to put on my 71-73 mustangs fan page on facebook, and I found this one for sale. I really dig horsepower so naturally, I think this car is awesome.
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    Found a parts car... found this car, just thought I'd let ya'll know. Looks like it might be a good deal, parts car maybe?
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    Life getting in the way!

    I haven't been able to check the site for like a week now! I swear everything in the world has held me back from working on the '72. My girlfriends birthday party was yesterday, which I was in charge of setting up. Earlier this week my dad fell off a ladder and broke his leg really bad, and is...
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    Food Lion Auto Fair

    Went to the big car show/swap meet at Charlotte Motor Speedway yesterday. here are all the pics I took.. There was only one 71-73 there out of the few thousand cars, it was a '72 Mach 1 w/351 2v. It was mostly original and pretty nice I thought. The...
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    It's here!

    My 2010 GT is finally here! I just gotta go pick it up tomorrow. Finally I will have a decent parts hauler instead of my girls ford contour. I can't wait to see the new car next to the old car....I hope they get along :s