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    Prospective Mach owner!

    Hi everyone! Thought I would make a proper introduction of myself as per the moderators recommendations. My first mustang was a '66 coupe, restored that from the ground up, sold it and found a lonely '69 convertible that had been forgotten in a field for 20 some odd years. The owner purchased...
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    One owner 1971 Mach 1...Part 2?

    Well, seeing as the other thread escalated somewhat quickly (lol). I thought I'd share with everyone the current plan. I understand everyone's viewpoints, especially with the fact that, "Oh you got my car running, I'm keeping it peace out!" is a very possible outcome. However, seeing as in...
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    One owner 1971 Mach 1 value?

    I found this 1971 Mach 1 sitting in the original owners driveway, the man purchased the car new in 1970. It's a factory 351 cleveland 4bbl (M code) with a C6 auto. The car runs and drives, motor was rebuilt a few years ago along with the paint being resprayed in the original color combo. It was...