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    1973 Mustang fastback for sale Southeast NC

    Selling my 1973 Mustang fast back great car click the link for long detailed description of the car and 50 + pictures. Runs great no problems asking $8500 clean NC title in hand. Located in Fayetteville NC, message me here or in the link i listed my number, thanks for looking ....Rick...
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    C4 transmission plug identification

    I have lost the plug on my transmission while rebuilding it that is inside the red box on this picture and it looks to me like it is just a normal plug. Does anyone know if it is some kind of special part that has to be in that hole or just a standard plug to stop ATF from leaking out? thanks\
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    C4 transmission side kickdown lever needed

    Looking for a transmission kick down lever that bolts on the transmission for a 73 mustang with a C4. I have all other parts needed the transmission rolled over on the side and bent the rod and snapped it. thanks
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    Tempest's 1972 Mustang Mach 1 restoration process...

    So this 72 Mustang will be built from me collecting 2 different Mach 1’s and had to assemble them into one car to get a title in NC for it as they won’t title a car in pieces, Now that I have the title in hand I started to disassemble it and begin the rebuild process. I started this project...
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    Fender apron to cowl assembly connector needed

    If anyone has a donor parts car that has the metal panel in the picture is good I am looking for one!!! I don't need the cowl underneath just the outer portion on the passenger side that connects the fender apron to the cowl panel and i can't seem to find one online. Also I am looking for a...
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    71-73 mustang rear fold down seat and trunk flap

    Maybe you guys can help me out, do other year's fold down rear seats fit the 71-73 mustangs? I am Looking for a 71-73 mustang rear seat (the more complete the better) with the hardware in decent repariable condition, I do have the seat itself just the padding and wire assembly without the fold...
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    South East NC

    Just a quick introduction found the site looking up parts for some 71-73 mustangs i currently have in the invetory in different stages of the restoration process. I have had my 1973 Mach 1 for about 12 years now and have been very fond of these cars and found some other people around the area...