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    Inner & outer tie rod premature wear

    I'm having some kind of strange issue with my suspension. I replaced the complete front suspension to brand new parts last September. I put around (or slightly less than) 3k miles since. I was about to set the alignment because the car is pulling to the left and having uneven tire wear. The...
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    Coolant leaks under car

    Is there anybody who experienced coolant leak under the car. The exhaust manifold is dry, there's no hot engine temp./overheat when running.  It appears that leaking from a little rubber nipple thing however the floor/carpet is dry so I don't think that the heater core is leaking. (The car...
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    Stereo receiver power wire

    I just installed a stereo system with an amp and a receiver. Someone has swapped the factory receiver around the '70s to an aftermarket unit with 3 wire connection. I hooked up the new receiver and has no power. I don't have experience with electronics but my first thought is to hook up the...
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    Short console from long

    My long console was such a bad shape beyond repairable so I've fabricated a short one from it. I'd cut the front section from the bottom side of the armrest section which has the same angle like the rest of the console all around so it was a pretty easy job with basic hand tools. I thought I'd...
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    I'm about to put a complete stereo system in my car since I have nothing at this moment. I want to get some quality speakers and a good amp but have some confusions about the subwoofer. Do I really need subwoofer to achieve a nice sound? I don't want to pump that bass like some people you...
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    Exhaust pipe adapter

    I'd like to swap my mufflers but the brand I want to get only offers 2.5" diameter mufflers. My pipes are 2.25". Would it be ok to use muffler/pipe adapter from 2.25 to 2.5 for the inlets and outlets? Would be a 1/4" larger muffler with stock size pipes make difference on anything? Bottom...
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    Transmission cooler line nut is broken

    I was about to replace my radiator when the transmission cooler line's nut has broken in half. Now it's leaking of course. Is there any way to repair it or a whole whole new cooling line is the only solution?
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    [SOLD] '71-'72 Urethane front bumper

    '71-'72 Urethane front bumper for sale.  $350 + shipping.
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    won't start, no power at all (battery is good)

    Yesterday morning I took the car for a ride. It fired up without any issues. When I went home I turned it off but had to use my other parking lot so after a min. I wanted to start he car and nothing. No click from the solenoid, no headlights. We were unable to jump start the car. I checked the...
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    Like many others I also have a rusted cowl with passenger side leak. I'm not really concerned about it because I'm going to paint the car in the near future and will also do all the bodywork I have to. I'm just looking for a temporary solution until I'm ready to bring my car to the bodyshop.  I...
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    Ignition relay wiring

    Hey, I'm about to bypass the resistor wire for the electronic distributor. I bought a Pertronix power relay kit and I'm trying the follow the instructions ( but when I'm about to wire the isolation diode It says to split the wire from the...
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    Various '71-'73 stuff

    Couple of stuff for sale. Came off my '72 Mach 1. Weber 8867 Carb. accel. pump needs to be checked. Grant Gt wheel (SOLD) Dash pad. Cracked but solid to put a cover on. 351C air cleaner (SOLD) Cleveland valve covers (SOLD) Holley Street Dominator for 351C (one corner is broken) Motorcraft...
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    Wiper stabilizer arm pin

    My wiper stabilizer arm's pin is broken so I can't use the wipers. Is there any way to fix or replace the pin?
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    Bumper brackets

    Are the bumper mounting  brackets the same on a 71/72 for the urethane and the chrome bumper? If I want to replace to chrome do I need to buy these brackets? (
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    351c starting & driving issues

    I just got my rebuilt Mach 1 back with a 351c 2v.  I don't know the condition of the car before the rebuilt because I bought it with a rod knock so I don't have any comparisons between the before and after condition so probably I have more issues than the engine what's already done. The engine...
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    Brand of these wheels

    Can anybody identify these wheels? Quite similar to American Racing Outlaw II but looks much better.
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    Sail panel parts

    Hey, I need some help with my sail panels. They keep falling off and I noticed that I'm missing something under the sail panels. These are some kind of extensions of the interior quarter trims and they're holding the bottom of the sail panels. Can anybody tell me what's the name of these...