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    Need some engine advise

    I have the opportunity to pickup a 460 for dirt cheap. My '71 Mach 1 is an M code 351C with CC heads. If you had a choice which would you build for the '71? Any one been in this dilemma? I would be mating it to a 4 speed. 
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    9 inch housing help

    Good afternoon everyone. I got a '71 Mach 1 that the previous owners swapped an 8 inch in place of the original 9 inch (learned from help here and the Marti Report). Well I finally got a good deal on a 9 inch from someone local to me all he knew was that it was from a pickup $150 for the...
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    351C and misc. Parts for sale/trade

    Good evening ya'll. I got some 351C parts for sale. Take a look at the album and see if anything interests you. I am interested in trades as well, I need std pistons, hood pin brackets, OE 9 inch. I'll take pictures of the things not in the photo album in the coming days. OE Valve covers...
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    1971 Mustang seats

    Got a nice set of 1971 Mustang Mach 1 seats. Driver side has a tear and the passanger side has no tears. Overall in great shape. Tracks not included. Willing to ship. Located in Washington state. Make me an offer. 550 USD
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    Boss 351 exhaust manifolds

    Hey ya'll so a few years ago I posted about trying to decipher my 351C and wether it had Boss heads and then CC heads because the previous owners decided to paint the Grabber Lime Mach 1 into a Pewter Silver Boss 351. Well due to a head gasket failure I had to pull the heads and finally found...
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    Temperature Sender location questions

    Hey ya'll so after pulling the heads off my 351C to put new set of head gaskets I decided to replace all the other gaskets and senders as well. I ended up stripping the eff out of my temp sender. So I had to drill it out. Now I am trying to find the best possible alternative. After some research...
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    Electroluminescent gauge overlay

    Hey ya'll, looking for a electroluminescent gauge set from Scott Drake for a 71 with a tach and center gauges. I have tried all the vendors I can think of including Scott Drake directly and no one carries the tach and center gauge one anymore, any leads on one or have a set they are willing to...
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    Looking for a few dash parts.

    Evening everyone. I'm looking for the bezels of a '71 Mach 1. Including the center bezel with the three gauge and also the glove box liner. None have to be perfect as I plan on painting it but I would like the screw tabs to be all intact. The small center dash for a 4 speed would be great.
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    '71 Mach 1 turn signal problem

    Afternoon ya'll. I got a '71 Mach 1 with some turn signal issues. At first it was just a new flasher so I replaced them and they were good. Now my turn signals ain't working. I tried a different flasher thinking that was the issue but it did not address the problem. I replaced the turn signal...
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    Parts for a 1971 Mach 1

    I figured I would give this place a shot before I start checking fleabay ?. In search of the side marker lights and bezels front and rear for a '71 Mach 1. A driver's side seat track and a shifter console for my 4 speed. If you have any of these parts feel free to PM me. I check this out every...
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    Complete wiring harnesses

    Hey ya'll, I started digging into my '71 Mach I and my wiring is is pretty butchered. Cut cables, cables that don't look like they belong and we'll faulty cables. So now I have to decide what to do and would like some advice. I keep seeing these universal wiring harnesses that seem pretty...
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    Intake manifold porting

    Afternoon everyone. I got a buddy who has a 351C 2V Holley Street Dominator intake manifold and he is willing to sell it to me for dirt cheap. My question is can I have this intake ported to accept my 4V heads or would it be shaving too much material?
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    Vacuum and Timing question from a newbie

    Hi again. If anyone remembers my last thread it was about the horrible ticking and engine vibrations. Well it turns out some of the bolts on the rocker arms are not the original to spec ones so I bought a set and torqued them down appropriately. While also inspecting the engine I realized that...
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    '71 Mustang clicking issue

    After a very long winter my '71 was finally almost ready to be picked up from my mechanics shop. Little back story first. When I bought the car it had an obvious pronounced vibration. When my mechanic took it apart it had a 10 inch clutch and was internally balanced. Now it has a new 10 inch...
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    351C Intake and carb choices

    Afternoon everyone, I got my hands on a Mach 1 with a 351C a few months ago and it is time to start upgrading some components. I was wondering if anyone was running the Weiand Hi-Ram intake manifold? Any thoughts on it? What sort of carbs did you pair it with? That sort of thing. P.S. this will...
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    Greetings everyone

    Hi everyone. New here been a lurker for a bit. Heard about this page from browsing the super awesome 1971 Mustang Mach 1. Finally bought one a few months ago with an interesting history. I bought it from a man in Idaho, he explained that car has been in his family for 25 years. Raced it for a...