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    Instrument cluster plug

    I'm trying to find some new terminals that go into the speedo cluster plug. Can't seem to find any and I don't know what exactly they are called... Any help is much appreciated!!
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    Pics needed please

    Hey guys, I'm still running into problems with trying to wire up the center gauges and speedo cluster. Turns out that the car never had the tach or center gauges so I'm still trying to work through that. My question is does the voltage regulator need to be mounted to the back of the cluster and...
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    Intrument gauge plugs

    Ok, so I'm trying to do a little rewiring due to a previous owner who hacked the hell out of my harnesses and I'm a little confused. Can someone explain what wires are for what on the plug that goes into the back of the speedo gauge please??? What number goes to what, etc. There are different...
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    NEWB from Wis.

    Hey guys, just found out about this forum. Wish I would've known about this 4 years ago when I was restoring my car....Looking forward to getting and giving any advice I can help with. Here's a couple of pics...