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    Radiator grille cover

    I met a guy at an All Ford show two weeks ago that installed a radiator cover on his car and it looked great. It did a great job of covering that ugly gap between the grille and the radiator. I'm really thinking about buying one for my car. I was wondering  has anyone here purchased and...
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    Custom 71 coupe for sale

    For sale at fast lane classic cars in st. Charles mo.
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    Interior shot

    Most recent shot of my interior It's not stock, but I like it....... Custom Center Console Reupholstered Seats with Suede inserts Painted the glove box to match the car Installed Kenwood Stereo with Bluetooth and hands free calling Summit All in 1 Monster Tach Gauge Pod cover carbon fiber...
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    Cars and coffee st. Louis

    Shot of my car from Cars and coffee show last week
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    Spring cleaning is done

    Spent the winter tuning and tweaking.  Dedicated the past few weeks to cleaning her up from top to bottom.   After close to 20 hrs in detail work I'm pleased with the end result.  Nothing was left untouched. Even the lug nuts got a few good turns on the buffing wheel.  Also added  blue LEDS...
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    Got my 1st Tropy

    Attended a car show last weekend.  Not really a car show type of guy but i attend occasionally. Won 1st place in my class.  Thought that was pretty cool.
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    1995 f150 Lightning #53

    Now that the 72 coupe is done cleaned up the truck. Minor changes. Did the hood and rear pan. Painted the Lightning graphics instead of stickers. New wheels and tires. Went through the motor and tranny. Changed all fluids. Wanted to keep it stock with a small twist. She'll be done next week ...
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    71-73 Coupe trunk liner kit

    Yesterday i installed the trunk liner kit in the coupe.  Less than 200.00 from  no cutting required and a great fit. If you're looking to give the trunk a fresh factory look I highly recommend their kits...
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    Down to the Final Details.........

    We're down to cleaning the engine bay, and putting the interior back together. Lots of cleaning and polishing left to do.... I didn't want to post any shots until we were done, but I think everything came out nice. I think that each and every mod we came up with worked well to compliment the...
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    Getting Ready for Show Season

    Had Dave and the boys at Vintage restoration in St. Charles, MO do some spot work on the Coupe. They shot a fresh coat of clear over her and just about finished buffing her out. The Color is Sonic Blue from a 2000 Cobra with a touch of violet pearl in it. I forget the color of the graphics...
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    Custom Shifter Plate

    I had a custom one off shifter plate made for that Mac's Center Console that I installed in my 72 Mustang. the console is nice, but leaves a big hole that exposes the shifter. Needed to do something about that..... Gentleman out of Granite City, IL made this for me. He got the N and R in the...
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    New Project - 2006 Mustang GT

    Sold my 2006 Ford Five Hundred 2 weeks ago and picked up a 2006 Mustang GT Premium. Vehicle is in excellent condition. One owner, garage kept. All maintenance done at the dealership. Over the past week I installed Pypes Violator axle back exhaust, Brake Labs Cross Drilled rotors and pads...
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    1967 Ford LTD For Sale

    The time has come. I'm selling my LTD. Without a doubt one of the cleanest LTDs in the country (well at least from what i've been able to find online). Tons of paperwork for everything that's been done. Also have the Marti report showing all options and period correct color. Car was...
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    1971 Ford Mustang *roller* - $1750 (Fairview Heights)
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    72 Mach1 for sale in Fenton MO
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    My neighbor is selling his 73 Mustang

    Here are some pics of that Mustang. It's a 73. He said that it runs, just needs the gas tank replaced. He's wanting 6k for it. If he wants to move it, I know he'll come down. It's been sitting outside all winter. I did check the vin. It's an H Code car. Under that black paint it looks like it...
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    71 -73 Coupe Headliner Questions

    Looking for Coupe Headliner instructions, but coming up blank. Starting to aquire all necessary parts for the install. One question I do have however. Does the front and rear glass need to be removed to install the headliner. I've seen some site that say yes, and some that say know. Just...
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    Seat Upholstery

    After we did the trunk, to my eyes the seats were boring. They were the stock OEM Covers. We ripped the center of the OEM covers out and added black suede along with our Mustang Logo to match the trunk. I like the look. I'll reinstall the seats this weekend. Before The driver seat is...
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    My 1995 Lightning #53

    Been on the shelf for years. It's time now that the Mustang is about where I want it. I've owned her since 2001. 1995 Lightning build #53. I just love this truck. She has NEVER EVER let me down. Not once in all the time that I've owned her. Going to build a nice mild street truck. She...
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    Aftermarket Shifter for FMX?

    Does anybody make a ratchet shifter for an FMX Transmission? Only thing that I was able to find was a Lokar shifter, and I'm not really feeling it. Anybody make a ratchet shifter for that old iron transmission?