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    What color is the sky in his world?

    Not a 71-73, but I just had to share. This one should look good with just a quick scuff and paint....
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    Q Code Mach1

    Im such a Gold Glow junkie......anyone care to weigh in on the merits/failings of this one?
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    Gold Glow mach 1

    Been looking for a Gold Glow for a while now. Anyone able to give me some intel on this one...
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    Richmond area Mach 1

    Anyone near Richmond with intel on this car?
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    Mach 1 exterior trim

    Hey all Quick question here. If a 1972 mach 1 has the exterior stainless trim between the color and flat black on the lower body, are there any instances where there is NO trim on the quarters or front fenders? Only between the front and rear wheels? I had a Mach 1 with deluxe interior and the...
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    Anyone here near Barre, Mass?

    Anyone close by this car? Ive been looking for a gold glow with ginger interior for a while now. Looking for some intel.
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    Anyone in Vermont?

    Anyone in Vermont know this car? Its bringing a tear to my eye!!!!