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    Gauge replacement question.

    Good day to all. It's been many years since I last posted here but circumstances have necessitated my return. Recently my wife, Mach1 Mama, past away from Cancer leaving me her beloved '73 Q code Mach 1. Since she bought and re-built her baby (see Travails of the Trailer Queen) I've only driven...
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    Anyone going on the MAA Cruise?

    As I've previously stated in another thread our Club is heading to Charlotte next year. However myself and another of our members decided to leave early, take a slight detour, turn right somewhere south and head over to Las Angeles to start the Mustangs Across America Cruise. From LA we'll do a...
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    '08 GT500 "Moosetang"

    Since I’ve completed posting the write-up on my wife’s ’11 winter re-work on her ’73 Mach 1 and I’m currently working on a update, I’ve decided to post this write-up on my ’08 GT500. As is my style it will be verbose with a heavy dose of pictures. This series was originally posted on a few other...
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    mach1mama's husband

    Good day to all. As the thread title says I'm mach1mama's hubby, the one that has been posting the series "Travails of the Trailer Queen". Although I personnaly do not, and have never owned a '71 - '73 Mustang I have however in the past owned an '88 GT and currently own an '08 GT500 (my avatar)...