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    EL Grande

    A few photos of the EL Grande project from down under. The original front end was rusted out. The LH chassis rail had a rust hole you could poke your finger right through. The entire front end including the fire wall was removed and then an Aussie EL Falcon front clip was placed in position...
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    1972 Export Mach 1 Marti Report

    This car was built for export with DSO 99 and shipped to Europe in July 1972. It was ordered by the Ford Marketing Division. The factory invoice shows no $$ amount and states OPEN ACCOUNT. I have owned the car since 2003. The previous owner purchased the car in 1981 from a car yard in...
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    New member

    Hi from down under. Currently there is 2 Mustangs built in 1972 in the stable. Both are converted to Right Hand Drive -Mach1, red on red, DSO 99, originally shipped to Europe. I have owned this one for 13 years. -Grande coupe with many modifications including grafting on an Aussie EL Falcon...