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  1. fordismyboss

    1971 Boss 351, 11,785 certified miles, preserved since new. $104k

    Everyone on this site knows these cars. I simply put the marketing information below. Serious buyers can PM me and I can answer all your questions. 1971 Boss 351, 11,775 certified miles, preserved since new. Only 1806 Boss 351 Mustangs were ever built, far rarer than any Boss 302. "The torque...
  2. fordismyboss

    WANTED: 351C Cobra Jet Oil Pan, NOS or perfect used....WANTED

    Hi 7173, I need a new oil pan! Need to keep the engine original and I need a new NOS or perfect used oil pan, cobra jet baffles must be in-place. Let me know what you have and how much I'll pay the shipping to CA. Thank you for reading!
  3. fordismyboss

    Banging noise coming from the oil pan - 1973 351C original 4V engine......

    Yikes! I've got a noise coming from the oil pan on my all original low miles 1973 351c four bolt engine. I put the car on the lift and can hear it very well. No evidence of something hitting the pan, I'm thinking something could be hitting the baffle. Oil pressure is very good. Anyone ever hear...
  4. fordismyboss

    1971 Boss 351 with less than 11,800 documented/notorized miles.

    I'm planning on selling one of my Boss 351s. It will be listed on Bring a Trailer soon.  It's truly a great car. Please let me know what you think! Thanks for reading.
  5. fordismyboss

    Original 1971 429 Cobra Jet engine........should be reunited with the original chassis!!

    Found an engine stored away near Sheridan IL. about 7 years ago. Was looking for a display engine to take to car shows and the gentleman selling it clearly had an original 429 CJ 4 bolt engine that had never been taken apart. Don't think the carburetor is original to the engine, but everything...
  6. fordismyboss

    Update: FOUND! WANTED: 1971 Hurst shift lever, new, used, original or reproduction is OK!

    Update: I found one! Thanks to all! I need a Hurst shift lever from a 1971 Mustang top loader. New or used, original or reproduction. The 1970 design is very similar and would work as well. Will buy the whole shifter body and rods if desired. Thank you for reading!
  7. fordismyboss

    2015+ mustang power seats into '71??

    I want to install a set of 2015 Mustang cloth seats into my '71 fastback. Has anyone done this swap? I'm swapping out the factory bucket seats, both of the new seats are power and soooo Nice! I'll need to fab-up some brackets and I'm getting the wiring schematic for both seats from Ford. Once I...
  8. fordismyboss

    Power Steering Oil Cooler needed 1971

    My Power Steering is failing due to high oil temperatures. I need the small oil cooler (radiator) D1ZA-3D746-AA or -AB, that mounts on the PS bracket (non-AC) in the attached link photo and an attached image. I hope there is one out there...
  9. fordismyboss

    1971 parts I need

    Thanks for reading this list! Please let me know if you have any of these parts you can spare. Chrome Hurst shift lever 1971 style for top loader. Hurst style back-up light switch and wiring. NASA(ram air) Hood hinge springs. Fastback rear interior trim panels that go next to the trap door...
  10. fordismyboss

    WTB: Trap door rear support brackets needed

    Wanted: Anyone have a pair of trap door support brackets? They are visible in the trunk and support the trap door latches. Mine have speaker cut-outs in them. They work, but they're ugly:exclamation: Thanks for reading:exclamation: