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    Door wiring flexible rubber conduit

    I'd be interested, how much for shipping to Omaha, NE 68106 ?
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    Hello from Pa.

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Where is David???

    Perhaps his computer crashed again!
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    Tim's 1973 Mach 1 rebuild thread

    Once again...this is just my preference Tim. Bled my master on the bench cause the reservoir is 100% level. If you do spill brake fluid it's not so bad since it isn't all over your engine compartment. Bleeding from the bench is much easier than bleeding with the pump method which takes longer...
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    Tim's 1973 Mach 1 rebuild thread

    Bleeding a master cylinder in the car, you'll never be able to get all the air out since your lines aren't connected while you're bleeding it. Ask me how I know!
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    Tim's 1973 Mach 1 rebuild thread

    I always thought that you should bench bleed a master cylinder on a bench and not installed in the car, hence the name bench bleeder kit! 
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    New here with a lot to learn!

    Welcome from Omaha!  How much for the nice set of original wheel well chrome/stainless?
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    introducing the Hulk

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Hello from Colorado Springs-1972 Mach 1

    Welcome from Omaha, from a former long time resident of beautiful Colorado Springs!
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    Longtime lurker, first time posting. 71 Mach 1

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    New to Forum - Introduction

    Welcome from Omaha!
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     I've never had a project car

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Back in the fold after 35 yrs

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    LED signal light flasher issue

    I had the same issue, just reversed the wires on the connectors!
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    Austin Vert's '73 Front Bar Problem Solved

    When I was younger I pulled out of a bar at 5 am !
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    Cost of car parts

    You're worth every penny!
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    Another Mach1

    Welcome from Omaha!
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    Another new guy

    Welcome from Omaha!