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  1. MooseStang

    Vert top cylinder - best prices?

    I need a drivers side cylinder for my project vert. Any suggestions?
  2. MooseStang

    6 Cyl - Carter RBS Question

    What is the copper colored line in the lower right of this pic? And how is it supposed to be oriented and attached on the other end? Mine is badly screwed up.
  3. MooseStang

    Moose is having a brother

    Some of you may have read my posts asking about the 250ci 6 cylinder. Well, if all goes as planned, I should be bringing home a playmate for Moose this week (Tuesday). '72 vert, 6 cylinder, 3 sp manual. Its a little rough, but will give me something to play with.
  4. MooseStang

    Opinions on '72 6 cyl vert

    I'm considering buying, would like to know the lowdown on parts compatibility and other things I may not be thinking about. Anyone here have one?
  5. MooseStang

    Hurst Competition Plus Rebuild Kit

    My shifter is in need of a rebuild. I've never done one, but I believe I can handle it. So fare, I've seen two different kits. One of them says it's specifically for Ford Mustang, parts specific, and also says no instructions, should only be done by someone familiar with rebuilding. Also...
  6. MooseStang

    Plastic Wiring clips - Tighten?

    The clips running across my brace will not stay put. Is there a way to secure them? Can the posts be heated and splayed out to grip better?
  7. MooseStang

    Top not fully retracting

    What is the adjustment procedure for getting the top to "fully" retract, and what is "fully" retracted? I don't believe mine is doing so, and I struggle to get the boot on.
  8. MooseStang

    Proto console ?

    Anyone know the story on this console?
  9. MooseStang

    6 cylinders L code - Possible future project

    I'm brainstorming for my next project, and am thinking about doing a pumped up 6 cylinder (something different). Anyone out there done something similar? Anyone have stock 6 cyl engine bay pics? Any other comment?
  10. MooseStang

    Mirror dash cam in Convertible

    I'm considering installing an Auto Vox V5 Pro in my 72 vert. Has anyone done a similar install? My main concern is the wire routing from the mirror through the windshield trim.
  11. MooseStang

    Hub centric help

    Still chasing vibrations, I think I may need to acquire some hub centric rings or spacers.  I'm running an older set of 2009 CT&W Magnum 500s, 7" and 8".  I've also got an LF rub at full turn.   How do I get the measurements from the rims?  Are the any issues with running smaller spacers...
  12. MooseStang

    Quarter window trim securing

    My trim won't stay on.  Is it a pressure only fit? It looks like there's rubber pieces rotted out.
  13. MooseStang

    Rising Clutch Pedal

    While exercising my vert today, I noticed at higher rpms that my clutch pedal was rising.    Shifting was otherwise normal. Can anyone explain?
  14. MooseStang

    Need recommendations for brake booster source

    The next chapter in my ongoing brake saga...    brake booster. Whilst I'm replacing brake lines and master cylinder, I decide to vacuum test my booster.  Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So, it appears that now I'm booster shopping as well. Any recommendations for a source?
  15. MooseStang

    Front to Rear Brake Line

    I need to replace my front to rear brake line.   I don't have a lift, only a set of ramps and jack stands. What's the best to tackle the job?  How & where should I feed the line through?
  16. MooseStang

    Another Mystery Connector Question

    While tracking down my reverse light issue, I came across these connectors. What are they for?  
  17. MooseStang

    3rd member install recommendations

    I dropped off my 3rd member today for its rebuild, so now it's time to prep for its return. Are there any step by step tutorials?  I mean I know the process,  but I would like details like gasket or sealant, what parts can or should not be reused, stuff like that. 
  18. MooseStang

    Stuck third member

    First time for me removing a diff, can't get it separated from the housing.  Looks like there's black rtv in there. Any tricks for breaking it loose?
  19. MooseStang

    4 speed toploader backup switch connection

    My backup lights are not working, and considering the multitude of un-connected wires and hoses I've found so far, I'm highly suspicious of the backup light also being disconnected. Where is the connection to the wiring harness?  Can I get to it from inside the car,  under the shifter boot?
  20. MooseStang

    Parking brake pedal - no cable tension

    Is the tension adjustment all in the spring that's connected to the cables going back to the wheels? Or does some of it come from the springs in the brakes? What should I use to lube the cable?