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  1. Jcloutier0722

    Misc. hose wrapped around shock

    Does anyone know what this hose goes to? Here's a pic from "original factory build" but since I've changed the shocks and the dual exhaust is now sharing the space. Now it looks ripped from the termination end and I'll investigate further over the weekend but any pointers before I find the...
  2. Jcloutier0722

    2 months of "shakedown" nearly complete

    The last of the cobwebs will occur later this month at Precision exhaust...the "Swiss cheese" original exhaust is getting a much needed makeocer.. 2 months and 2,000 miles have proven this low mileage survivor is ready for cruising...just rolled to 20,000 miles tonight.
  3. Jcloutier0722

    Cowl intake to heater box radius

    Any one here happen to know the radius of the cowl intake lip to lip? The one thing that seems ALL mustangs were prone to even when garage kept was the rusting of the cowl in this location. It's no where near opening it up for that $$$ replacement but I have a few ideas for "macguyvering" it...
  4. Jcloutier0722

    8 track player speed adjustment

    Does anyone have some insight on adjusting the speed of the 8 track player (circa 1972)? In all honesty you would think I 'd know this, but was before my time at Ford in audio systems. I do know some things about the players but not sure where to start here. I don't think it ever got a lot of...
  5. Jcloutier0722

    Striping week procrastination

    Copper metalic hockey stick stripes came in this week and the vacillation has begun...Not my first time but my self imposed OCD will be in high the end they will look great and hide a few minor blemishes in this 50 survivor...The new Magnum wheels T/As really changed the stance of this...
  6. Jcloutier0722

    Paintless dent repair

    Anyone had recent experience with this technique. My 50 year old survivor has 2 minor battle dings that haven't scratched the paint and look like candidates for the process... One tiny one on the trunk lid and one on the front fender that can be reduced and reached by removing the fender liner...
  7. Jcloutier0722

    New to the group, Lifelong Mustang guy

    Just purchased my childhood dream car to add to the stable of Mustangs. I've owned my 88 LX 5.0 convertible for 34 years but just recently added a 72 Mustang convertible to the mix. The 72 has 217,000 LESS miles than my 88 LOL. It's a unrestored, unmolested survivor with 18,000 original miles...