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  1. rio1856

    Ford Mustangs that never were

    I found this web site while surfing the net. I wanted to share with you guys. I thought it was interesting.
  2. rio1856

    Another New Dynacorn part for our cars

    NPD has a new Dynacorn part now available for the fastbacks.
  3. rio1856

    Possible New Cast Iron Cleveland block

    TMeyer is getting close to producing a new cast iron Cleveland block.
  4. rio1856

    Front Koni Shocks

    Bought a pair of used Koni shocks a while back on Craigslist. They are the 82-1742 SP4's type. I finally sent them out for a rebuild to this place, They came in today here is a pic. Rio.
  5. rio1856

    It's Snowing in here!!

    Brrrrr  I's so cold in here it started snowing!
  6. rio1856

    2021 Ford Mach E Electric Power Mustang What is Ford thinking?!!! Associating this SUV with Mustang!! They should have resurrected the Galaxie moniker and called this the "Galax-E"
  7. rio1856

    Black comfort weave

    Ordered 4 yards of the black comfort weave from SMS back in July received delivery promises of "In two weeks" every two weeks  since July. The material came in yesterday a week after I put in a credit card dispute last week. Here are some pics of the fabric. Now I'll be sending it to TMI so...
  8. rio1856

    RimBlow Wheel

    Was surfing Ebay and saw this: They say they have 10 available. I no idea these were being reproduced.
  9. rio1856

    Found this on Ebay

    Found this while surfing E-Bay
  10. rio1856

    Drag pac oil cooler

    Found this while searching the web.
  11. rio1856

    Found this on Ebay

    While looking through E-bay I saw this I wonder if it will sell....
  12. rio1856

    Battery Tray Apron Support

    The guy on Ebay that makes and sells these has them available again if any of you guys are looking for one, just a heads up.
  13. rio1856

    Map Light

    While surfing Ebay, I came across this item. Don't know if it will fit our Mustangs. Not identical but it looks pretty close. Considering what they are going for these days asking price is a lot less. Thought I would post it and maybe someone needs one and could make it work...
  14. rio1856

    Early 1971 Mustang console

    While looking through Ebay I found this console it looks like it might be one of the early ones Ford produced with the wood grain around the clock as per the 429 Mustang Cougar Megasite.  ...
  15. rio1856

    Hello from Miami Fl.

    Greetings!! I have been lurking here for awhile and I decided my introducing myself has been long over due. My first Mustang was a 1971 Mach 1 which I bought in 1975 after saving all my money while working part time as a stock room jockey at J.C. Pennys and going to High school. I paid a...
  16. rio1856

    Battery tray apron support Found this while looking through "E-Bay" if anyone is looking for one
  17. rio1856

    Found this while looking through E-Bay For those who might need one. Originals pop up once in awhile. Looks like these are re-pops. It looks good, price is a bit steep though IMHO.