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  1. Boss1Ray

    Mach 1 in a Bank Commercial! SEE TOP VIDEO ON THIS PAGE
  2. Boss1Ray

    Hello all from CA

    Welcome from Oklahoma. Ray
  3. Boss1Ray

    New member from Tulsa Oklahoma

    Welcome from OKC. Ray
  4. Boss1Ray

    From Moscow with love!

    Welcome from Oklahoma. I agree with a previous post - please keep thin upper side moulding (protective strip) on car. You rarely see any cars with them! Nice car to start with. Ray
  5. Boss1Ray

    71 Mach 1 paint color choice help

    Quick note: Your old 73, if in its original paint would have been White - an almost polar white, not Wimbledon White with its common eggshell-white tint. Wimbledon White was not offered in 1973 for Mustangs. Of course it could have been special ordered with Wimbledon White paint but doubtful...
  6. Boss1Ray

    Building hileanor

    Welcome from Oklahoma City. Ray
  7. Boss1Ray

    Bad news for the Mach 1

    Any updates? Didn't see another thread on this one. (Could have missed it!) Ray
  8. Boss1Ray

    72 Mach 1 vs tree

    I've seen a few wrecked like this. Gotta be a tough one to ride through for sure. Ray
  9. Boss1Ray

    The Abandoned 71-73 Mustang thread

    Sad one. Ray
  10. Boss1Ray

    Original vs Modified

    Thanks for asking! There are many things about our cars that the Marti report doesn't address. example - What cars were equipped with space saver spare tires? Just trying to keep this information current and correct . There is a ton of info about our cars that seems to just go away...
  11. Boss1Ray

    Original vs Modified

  12. Boss1Ray

    R code sportsroof-how many are left? Any owners on the forum?

    They are Q code cars. Find them on "Bring A Trailer" website.
  13. Boss1Ray

    Hello From Utah!

    Welcome from Oklahoma. Keep the pics coming as you record your progress. Ray
  14. Boss1Ray

    Rear Spoiler opinion, Yes or No?

    So no surprise to many - I like spoilers on cars that were ordered and equipped with them originally. I do not like rear spoilers on any 71-3 hardtops, aka 'coupes' or any convertibles. For non -Mach or non - Boss sportsroofs aka fastbacks - I have seen many that look decent with them added...
  15. Boss1Ray

    Original vs Modified

    OK for everyone who could care less how original their cars are - well this thread (probably) isn't for you. But for anyone that has a car and wonders what is originally correct for theirs - we can help. There are many on here who have devoted many relentless hours to learn as much as possible...
  16. Boss1Ray

    New member from oz

    Welcome from Oklahoma City. Ray
  17. Boss1Ray

    New to the group, Lifelong Mustang guy

    Welcome from OKC, Oklahoma! Nice looking Mustang. Ray
  18. Boss1Ray

    Very early 71 on Facebook Marketplace Hope that link works (Mena Arkansas Facebook)
  19. Boss1Ray

    Very early 71 on Facebook Marketplace
  20. Boss1Ray

    WTB: Ohio: 71 Mach 1 re: Carb, Distributor, Steelies, Hub caps

    Ouch - Maybe this discussion needs a new thread of its own. I wasn't aware of these issues with newer 15 x 7 " wheel options. Frustrating. Ray