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    Selling a speedo-tach assembly from my 72 Mach 1 parts car. In very good condition just needs a good cleaning. Circuit board looks good no visible burns.  200.00 plus shipping.
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    14 " Dog dish hubcaps and trim rings for sale

    Selling driver quality dog dish hubcaps and trim rings. Would be a real nice set but one trim ring has a scrape.  100.00 plus shipping.
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    Fabulous Fords For Ever Show

    Pics of some of the 7173s form today's Fabulous Fords show.  What a great show over 1800 Fords. The biggest show on the west coast. A must do for any Ford nut.
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    Part revision from 71 to 72

    Today I pulled out my original 71 shock tower covers and a set pulled of a 72 Grande.  While inspecting them to see which set I will restore I notice the 72 covers have been updated. First look the 72 covers have more dense square bump stops. The 72 driver side cover is complete new part with 4...
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    5000 posts

    5000 posts! Do I spend too much time here?:cool:
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    for sale

    I have a set of original 15/7 magnum 500s for sale. Over all they are in good condition. The black centers do need repainting. The rims are nice and strait . The chrome would clean up yo be good 20 footers. Asking 600.00 plus shipping.
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    24 years 7 months

    Well I did it. I almost can't believe I did it. I sold my 89 GT after 24+ years. I bought the car new when I was just 19 years old. It was a great car. Hands down the best car I ever owned. I pounded the crap out the car for years and it never let me down not once,Ever!! I will be honest I'm a...
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    San Diego wild fires

    Hey guys, today was a tough day hear in San Diego. Our Santana winds pick up and one point we had 9+ wild fires burning around the county. There have been thousands of people evacuated from there homes and several homes have been lost. So please keep them in your thoughts and priers.
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    A Possible game changer

    A buddy of mine called me to offer me 1st shot on buying his 460. It's a 535hp 500tqr Ford motorsports SVO create motor. Built in 98. It's never been ran. Comes with C6 trans 850 demon carb high tqr starter motor mounts and headers for 5k. He has 2 projects a 69 Bronco that he 4 wheels the crap...
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    Pics from the Queen Mary show with a surprise guest.

    Sdstang, Shelby Mike and where heading up to the Queen Mary show this morning when about an half hour out I get a phone call. Mike?? Yes! It's Mike from Luxembourg I'm at the Mustang show where are you? Holly crap no way!!! Sure enough I get to the show and there is Luxstang (Mike) Carla his...
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    Mustangs at the queen mary

    Who is going to the Mustangs at the Queen mary show in Long Beach Sunday? My brother and sdstang (Jim) and I are heading up. Just wondering if any other members are going.
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    3000 post

    Well I just hit the big 3k mark. Just enjoying the time with you guys and gals. Mike
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    sdstang stopped by today.

    Jim stopped by today to see what I thought of his new ride. I will tell you he got him self nice solid ride,there is NO rust anywhere.The 351 sound nice and fresh. We talked 71-73s for 3+ hours then he let me take his vert for ride,so I took him by my brothers to check out his Boss 302. So there...
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    1970 429 CJ/SCJ valve covers.

    For sale 1970 original 429 CJ/SCJ aluminum valve covers.No cracks and over all in good shape. $100.00. OBO. Plus shipping.
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    56 T Bird

    My buddy gave me a call last week to tell about a T Bird his father in laws friend is selling. Well Friday I got the text " What are you and your trailer doing Sunday morning". Before I could answer him the next text came in " I'll buy breakfast". Well I got up early this morning hooked up the...
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    Met with Devin ( Blueoval 71 )

    I met Devin ( Blueoval 71 ) on Sunday. He took a 2 hour drive down to pick up some parts from the Pink Coupe for his 71 Coupe. Let's just say that was a fast 6hrs of Mustangs talk.:cool: I'm looking forward to heading up his way to check out his 71 Coupe project.
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    Parting out the pink coupe.

    I started to strip all the good parts off the pink coupe. Ok it's blue but it was pink.:cool: Let me know what you guys and gals need.
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    31st Annual San Diego Mustang by the bay

    Sunday my wife and entered her 2013 convertible in the Mustangs by the bay in Americas Finest city. What a great turn out 300 plus cars. I had a chance to meet James and check out his sweet Mach 1. Congrats James on placing in the show. A typical day in San Diego it started out with a little fog...
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    2000 post

    My 2000 post. What a mile stone.:D
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    7173 Mustangs at B.J.

    Some pics of the 7173s at B.J.O.C. The red 71 Mach 1 was a clean driver. Except the red grill.:huh: The 73 Convertible was very nice and 460 powered.