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  1. Hoagie Ranch

    71-73 mustang console clock Wire harness.

    Is ther anyone out there making reproduction wire harness for our 71-73 Mustang clock and console ? Some ebay vendors are selling many reproduction 71-73 Console's. They look good but they don't sell reproduction wire harness to go with. I have looked for used ones on Fleabay and can't seem to find
  2. Hoagie Ranch

    Did 71-73 Mustangs come with factory seat track shims ?

    I just replaced my carpet and I don't want to rip the new carpet sliding my seat Back and forth . I did not see any shims when I removed my seats. Did our cars originally come with shims? I can't find any original shims on ebay for 71-73 , just the older stangs. I'm wondering if we need them...
  3. Hoagie Ranch

    71 mustang drivers side fresh air knob bolt kit Help !

    Does anyone know where I can Buy the 2 bolts that hold on the fresh air knob bracket to the lower Dash . Can't seem to find anything useful at Home depot. Someone has to be selling these for 71-73 stang. I have attached photo on the bracket with knob.
  4. Hoagie Ranch

    71 mustang firewall speedometer opening ?

    Does anyone know what opening in my firewall the speedometer cable goes through. Can't seem to find a 71-73 Mustang firewall diagram on line. I have attached photos of my firewall . I have it narrowed it down to 2 holes , maybe the one close to the power booster or the hole farther left of...
  5. Hoagie Ranch

    71-73 mustang circuit board replacement

    Yesterday I purchased a reproduction circuit board for my 71 Mach 1 with Tach. My original is dry and a bit brittle and is seperating above the dash plug. I noticed the eBay seller has sold a crap load of circuit boards, over 110 . I was wondering if any of our members have replaced their...
  6. Hoagie Ranch

    71 Mach 1 grille parking lamp screws

    Does anyone Sell the mounting screws for this pair of NOS Ford mach 1 grille parking lamps. I purchased this set off EBAY , still in Ford boxes. Only problem is no mounting screws and I don't have the Old lamps or screws. I noticed the original holes are not threaded, I guess maybe a sheet...
  7. Hoagie Ranch

    Mustang restoraton shop in Houston Texas Area ?

    I need my engine and automatic transmission put back in my 1971 MUSTANG 429 SCJ. I have all original rebuilt parts. Does anyone know a shop with good reputation to do the installation in Houston Area?
  8. Hoagie Ranch

    71-72 Mach 1 Grille with STAINLESS STEEL Trim.

    I am in need of a reproduction grille for my 71 MACH. most of the ones I have seen on ebay have aluminium TRIM. I have seen one made by DRAKE , they claim it is original Ford tooling and has stainless steel TRIM. This stainless cost more $ but seems better. Has anyone out there purchased a...
  9. Hoagie Ranch

    71-73 mustang Firewall grommets

    I got a 1971 429 SCJ Mach , No A/C. I think there should be some grommets here on my firewall. I have included photos of my firewall. Does some one make a Grommet set for 71-73 stangs ?
  10. Hoagie Ranch

    Correct shoulder Belt placement photos.

    Does anyone out there have a Show car that has the the shoulder belt stored in the proper fashion. Just as on a 1971 Ford dealer show room. I have seen several photos and they are stored or placed in several different ways , some are rather creative and some just let them hand there.. 🤔
  11. Hoagie Ranch

    Aluminum VS. Stanless Steel Sill plates 71-73 mustang

    Time for me to buy new Sill plates for my 71 Mach. Does any one out there have a opinion on what I should buy. Stainless cost more $ and I think the original was Aluminum ? 🤔
  12. Hoagie Ranch

    71-73 Mach 1 sunvisor location

    Can someone please post a photo of your sun visor bracket location. I installed a new headliner and did not mark the holes. THANKS
  13. Hoagie Ranch

    71-73 mustang Fastback Non Fold down rear seat

    I am trying to figure out how install my plastic Green rear inside quarter panels . I am not sure if the edge of the quarter panel goes on the out side or the inside of the rear seat interior Filler panel. Please view my 3 photos. I have tried it both ways. When I got this 71 stang it was...